New roof ventilation question

I live in SE Michigan, cold winters and hot summers - I am having a new roof installed soon and prior to this there will be blown in insulation added to bring it up to code.

When the house was bought the home inspector informed us that there are no baffles/rafter vents in the soffits. The roofers plan to add drip edge ventilation. Should I also inquire about baffles/rafter vents when they do the roofing? or is there enough of an intake with the DEV that baffles are not needed?

If the decking is being replaced the roofer can add baffles, if not they will need to be installed from the inside, normally by the insulation contractor.

You need the baffles so that the insulation doesn’t block the air channel.

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Thank you both.

Next, newbie and uninformed-person question, the baffles. Would I need the rafter vent/baffle combo that bends down or is the continuously straight raftervent appropriate?

There isn’t a large attic space and without removing the decking I don’t foresee the bending vent/baffle being able to be installed.

Here is a picture of the side of the house/roof to show the angle. not sure if it will come through or actually be helpful in this conversation.

Questions best for the guy blowing the insulation in, not the roofer. I as a roofer would not take the responsibility of installing baffles if someone is coming in after me and blowing in insulation. It is the insulators job to make sure they do not block/fill the sofit vents.

Your insulation guy should put the baffles in.

Make sure all of your fart fans and kitchen exhaust are vented out of the attic. Baffles are the insulator’s job, they LOVE lying flat in fiberglass!