New roof -shingles look old


No I just had my roof replaced last week. After the roofer was done, i climbed up and took a look around. First I noticed that the shingles look old, i.e. they have bare spots with no more rock, they seem to have a little curl to them as well, they definitely don’t lay flat. He left a partial bundle and i looked at the date. They were made July 2016. So basically they are already two years old. Also the unused “new” shingles i looked at the glue strip and it seemed pretty dry kinda chalky. It seems to me these shingles won’t glue together very well. My question on this matter is; is it normal for a roofer to install two year old shingles? Also i don’t like the way the valleys look like at the end, there is a gap under the shingles.

Pics enclosed. Thanks

So nobody answered my question about the age of the shingles…


Its hard to get a good look from the pic but from what I can see the shingles themselves look fine. If there is an area missing granuals its a “scuff” caused by how the roof was walked on. Minor ok but major ones should be repaired IMO. Personally I wouldn’t ever check the date on the shingles the supplier sent out unless I noticed something wrong. So realisticly not sure how old the shingles are at the time I install them. Is there any warm weather in the forecast where you live? I’d just keep an eye on them and if they seal you should be fine. As far as the valley I can’t really see it clear enough to judge.


No more warm weather here. Our last days in the 80’s ended in the middle of the job. I could only post one picture. I will tey and upload some more. Thanks for your response


That’s a very small scuff and is unavoidable.
The roofers should seal that exposed nail in your first pic.



I really don’t like the nail in that seam
Major pet peeve for me, they are very easy to avoid.



They didn’t seal any of the exposed nails. Even on the ridge cap. :disappointed:


Yes there are lots of exposed nail heads. Very poor job. I could have done better myself but itt a lot of work and i would rather pay someone to do a roof. I feel i got screwed.




Thanks for the response


Tharr, what brand shingles did you have installed?

They remind me of owens corning oakridge
But with key way cut outs on each end??


bp made in Canada…


What does everyone think about the flashing around my furnace pipe. It has nail holes in it so it was nailed down before, now it’s not.


They reused a heat pipe flashing that was improperly installed the first time.


Could you elaborate? They should have replaced? It appears to be integral to the pipe itself. If it was installed improperly the first time, it lasted 27 years and wasn’t leaking.


Its probably nailer under the shingles. If it’s lifted up at all it should be face nailed again, if it’s flat it’s ok


It looks fine the way it is.


I don’t think that flashing or whatever it is should be on top of the shingles with a nail in it. That nail is a conduit for water to make its way under the shingle.