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HI a homeowner? I am getting a new roof installed tear off and I want to check some things I am being told by the roofer. 1 I have a masonry chimney on the side of the house I was told it would be reflashed by going over the exsisting flashing to avoid opening a can of worms ie the old flashing having to be chipped out of the masonary. 2 Roof has history of bad ice dams so ice +water is going on entire roof (I know this is overkill and I am addressing bad ventilation with a powervent and soffitt vents) is there differnt grades of ice and water I am being told no but some manufacturers better than others. 3 will a 50f+ degree day be ok for sealing the ice and water and the shingle tabs? Thank you


hello im a florida roofer.
i wont be of much help.
be patient someone will help you.



As far as chimney flashing goes, I usually tear it out and re-do it. You just have to tear it out gingerly so as not to damage the chimney. I think flashing over top is fine, as long as he is using new counter flashing as well. If I were going to do that I would cut back existing counter flashing and re-flash it one mortar joint above.
I would not put water and ice shield on the whole roof unless it is less than a 4-12 pitch. While I have yet to do a tearoff of water and ice I have heard many stories of its difficulty from other roofers. You may be creating a nightmare for the next homeowner who must re-roof the house, or yourself if you still own it in 25 or 30 years. I would address the ventilation problem. That is a true fix of your ice dam problem.


and yes 50 degrees is fine. So is 20, as long as the deck is dry. I have seen and lain many roofs in the dead of winter that don’t seal up until we get a warm day. Only risk is if you get big winds before they seal, you could get blowoffs. I’ve never had a problem.


Im sorry what is the counter flashing? and are all ice and water products created under the same specs or are there differences like 15 and 30lb felt ,25 and 40 year shingles?


“Counter-flashing” is the flashing that mounts to the chimney. It “counters”, or laps over, the step flashing on the roof.

Yes, different manufacturers have different “grades” of Ice & Water Shield. Some are “stickier”, in that they take less heat to become pliable and seal to the plywood. However, any of them are going to work just fine. 50+ degrees will begin to seal the material, so that it does its job. It will take warmer temperatures for the shingles to settle and seal completely. So realistically, your roof will not be 100% sealed and ready to withstand the forces of nature until you get some good warm sunshine on it.

No fault of yours or your contractors, that’s just the nature of the beast! :!:


Sounds a little lazy to me.


well the can of worms is pretty much waitin for evey roofer in every house. if the chimney flashing is good,
you can clean it off and reuse if not you have to open the can of worms.

i dont like the sound of the flashing over flashing.
just simply tell your roofer you only want one
roofs worth of chimney flashing on the chimney.
theyll do it.



thanks for all the help Good Info


Let me put it this way…Would you rather open a small can of worms now? or in a few years when the festering puss begins oozing down the new shingles…and the roofer is long gone…lol


festerin puss?
nice jwoolf.

nice indeed.



That’s laymans terms…lol Point is if counter flashing is in LIKE NEW condition I would make the owner aware of it and move on…If not, OPEN the can!!