New roof or not?

My house needs a new roof; however I am trying to sell it right now.
I’ve had opinions on both doing it now or giving the buyer the cost of a roof back to him at closing so they can hire whatever roofer they wish to do the job.
Anyone ever been in this situation, and if so, what did you do?

Any roofers want to weigh in on what they think I should do?

I would let the buyer decide. That way they can choose the color shingle they want along with brand and everything else and also choose who they want to do it and then they will have to deal with the consequences assuming there are any.

i agree. just leave an allowance for the buyer.
get a couple estimates yourself though as i’m sure the buyer will.

Been in this situation many times on the contractor side of course.

A realtor will come to a house with a buyer see a bad roof and say it will cost $15K to roof this thing. The buyer will have no idea to the actual expense of replacing the roof hence the need for an estimate or two or three.

Been on both sides. My estimate has been used as a barganing chip at the closing and it’s also secured work. Done roofs for both buyers and sellers. I like to speak with the buyer if possible to see if they would like a certain color. They are the ones who have to live with the roof.

If I were the buyer I would prefer the pay out so I could hire who ever I want. No offense but sellers often go cheap and then the buyer has to fix the roof a few years later.

What dougger says is true. I often charge for estimates if the house is in a real estate transaction. Buyer gets 3 bids seller gets 3 bids, who gets the job? The way I look at it I have a 16% chance to get the sale. Even less since usually what happens is they negotiate a settlement and nobody gets the job… unil maybe 3-5 years later when the buyers recoupe some lost savings… and do you think they remember who gave them quotes 3 years ago? No they call 3 or 4 new roofers. So By my count 10 guys bid the job and only one gets it.

Just give him some cash and be done with it, that’s what the buyer wants anyways.


It might be easier to sell if the home looks maintained. If I would see the roof not maintained, I wonder what else you did not take care of.

I want to move into a home that does not need anything done to it. I will pay more for a well maintained home.

Homes are not selling as fast. So I do not need to deal with a house that was not maintained. I can choose a house that everything is move in condition.

Your realtor will have the best advice on how to sell your home in your market.

I have a few realtors who drum me up work and often times I’m the only bidder. Most are insurance jobs but some are out of pocket. The 12 year transferable warranty offered with the Certainteed Integrity Warranty has been a big deciding factor for most selling.

So far this year of the 10 leads from realtors I got all but 2.

The roof I’m doing now I was the only bidder at $33.5K.

I turn down putting bids on a number of roofs for unknown realtors every year. There are five realtors though that I put bids on within a few days. Three of them are also my builers.

thanks for all the replies. I was leaning towards paying the buyer for a roof at closing. I have a few estimates already and I plan on offering a serious buyer a couple of thousand dollars more than the cost of the new roof as incentive to get the house sold. I have a lot of equity in this house and have already bought another one, so I am a motivated seller; now I just need a motivated buyer and we are good to go… :smiley:


I think you have the right idea.

No reason to rush and try to do the roof now, unless you get a roof that will make your house stand out and help you attract a good buyer.

Have you considered a metal roof. I know it is going to be more money than a regular roof, and it cannot be installed by any roofer. It would have to be installed by contractor who has experience with metal roofs.

I am not sure about the type of home you are selling, but a metal roof could bring a value of the home up if it was a nice and cozy single family home where a roof would be a big part of overall impression of the home.

Good Luck selling your house!

ditto all.