New Roof Old Damage

We just had a new roof installed and noticed the contractor didn’t replace a section of damaged plywood as promised. This section is open and easily visible in our garage, and at the time of estimate, we specifically requested this portion be replaced because it is very unsightly and it appears the wood is rotten. After the project was done, the foreman told us the issue “wasn’t structural” and agreed it looked really bad but insisted it didn’t need replaced

Is this something we need to fight to be redone/are we justified in complaining about it? This just feels wrong that we paid so much for a brand new roof and still have this awful section that may cause issues if we decide to sell our home.

Half a sheet of CDX plywood and a bundle of shingles. Material for this is really nothing. They probably have enough shingles to fix it. They promised to fix it. Ask again. Even if its a little steep, its less than an hour work. Just my opinion.


It probably felt solid while they were roofing it,and it just got bypassed.
Ask them to replace it. It’s no big deal.

You asked for it to be replaced and they ignored or forgot your request.
You brought it up again after the job
And they still refused you.
This isnt good customer service.
I would ask them to replace the rotten wood.
Yes, it will be a problem if you try to sell the house or refinance it.

where does need circumvent promised?