New roof mold in part of the attic on shealthing


Did my roof last spring after moved in my house wood rot and shingles were not good anymore.anyway got mold area in attic. I had a roofer guy come look at it and he mention I need more vent bafflerssaid should have one Every other 2 by 4.he things that the issue said my roofing job was good of not better then half people he work for.just want other input before start removing mold and vents

Like you can see one side 100 percent dry and also added a new bafflers there cause I damage the old one there. Added large double one.
Love to get all info I can get


Not enough info/pictures to determine the problem. It was kind of hard to follow what you were trying to say also. If it continuous soffit vent it all needs to be baffled. If standard eave vents every third bay. I’m guessing the moldy area is north facing side?


Sorry was typing fast and was in a rush when I post are right it’s the northern part of the house that has the worst of the mold.yea soffit is what I have about 5-6 area along side of the house for air to get into the attic. But I didn’t see much baffles up there


Where are the attic vents or ridge vent? None shows in this picture.


I’ll try get better pic tomorrow 3 on each side of the house so 6 in total and attic square feet is about 600. 30 by 20 feet give or take.i know for baffles there were very few like 4 only ones both sides.