New roof leaking

Recently got new roof. First rain 3 of the vent pipes leaked into attic. One was pouring, one dripping fast and the other a slow soak. The roof deck is 1 x 6 boards, built in 50”s. Lots of huge gaps of missing wood, lots of holes, deep striations, and in one area where the water heater vents out of attic is lacking an approx square foot of wood around the pipe itself. (That one hasn’t leaked yet.) But I can see the nails were shot through the underlayment and hanging from it. I told them about it, they came out and did something, it leaked again. Came back out, and now it’s still leaking but much better except for one. I don’tt think it can be fixed because the wood around the pipe is in bad condition. Approx 3 foot diameter. . The addition has a nearly flat roof that has big wrinkles in the roll roofing. The leaks have caused me to be worried about. There are other issues that I’m not so sure about. I will post photos


Sounds like you could have benefited by a full redeck. It’s possible they could band-aid several of those problems but if they don’t go back and do it correctly, the solutions will be short term. Sounds like a number of code violations that need to be fixed.

please take pics of shingling around pipes

This is the two that haven’t leaked yet. The ones that have no wood around them

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One that is leaking . He came back and put a little collar on it . Still leaking.

kinda shoddy,shouldve gas pipe needed storm collar and caulk the fuck out flange
all rubber boots have too wide gap on the sides and the one below gas pipe has seam in the middle above it + step is like 2 inches lol
request to reshingle those areas around pipes and apply some caulk
even if there is no wood below it,shingles and icewater is sufficient to waterproof.
roofs used to have no felt paper 100 years ago.i dont know if something was changed and proper shingling wouldnt be enough

ps please go around roof and look up small steps ,less than 4" is questionable on this shallow pitch
you can getaway on 8/12 and up tho.

when you say “step is like 2 inches” what does step mean? .
I feel like the areas where there is no wood, there is nothing for the nails to bite into , therefore the water can just pass through where the nails went through the shingle and the black felt and trickle on down. im thinking those nails are there just dangling around with no wood to stablize them, so they aren’t really doing much good there except holding that shingle down until the next good wind comes along and tosses them off my roof. I noticed a big difference throughout the roof in the spacing between the rows of shingles, in fact, one side looks like a totally different pattern with wide spacing, no shingle overlap , and then on another side they are closer together with the shingle sort of flopped over the one under it.

i’'lll post some more photos of some things that look not right to me. I appreciate your input because im trying to make the decision to tear this mess off and put some proper sheething on it and reshingle the whole thing. a good roof is very important to me, i dont like that damn having to climb up in the attic looking for leaks every time it rains and always having to worry, and that is exactly what i will do. there are too many gaps and splintered wood where it looks like they overshot the nails , and a significant amount of damage was done to the boards while they shoveled off the old roof, i knew it would be loud and rough, but it went beyond that. for a minute there I thought there were gonna come through my roof, they were digging and chopping at it, . tons of pieces of splintered wood, chunks, bits, pieces, one of the pieces was about 12 inches long and shaped like a spear, it landed right on top of an hvac duct.

one of the photos is of the pipe before they came out to “fix” the leak. the one with the broken piece of wood is after he came back and fixed it, he must of hammered something down and it broke the board under it. the owner of the company keeps wanting me to let the same roofer guy come out to make repairs, and I really dont want to , but part of me just wants to see what he will do next,

am I mistaken to believe that most building codes for existing buildings on roof replacement calls for solid sheathing? and not these old boards from 1947 ?

(nearly) Flat roof /addition

main roof

2nd and 3rd from last, needs a rain collar and caulk. 4th, flashing not shingled properly / no shingle on high side? both leakers…

Darkthirty is right.
2 definite leaks.
And where/how to fix them.

The third leak under that plumbing boot
Is because the board broke under it.
It was floating across there with no support.
The decking is 1x6.
You Need to replace the board above it or below it also like 1x8 so you can
go around the pipe and give it support to the next rafter.

The flat roof is very disappointing.
True inexperience showing here.
Will it still last its life expected amount?

thank you so much, this information will be used. Im also concerned about this area. what happened here? i’ve compared my roof to a roof with the same shingle, and the difference is obvious. mine looks uneven, and although im aware that the shingles have not all sealed down yet, I dont think that is the problem, it just looks off.

(hope you don’t mind because i have quite a few questions)

this is after he came out and did the repairs due to the leaks: (its still leaking)

also this: is that a hole? and the other looks like some type of fabric showing

this is the fix he made to the hvac pipe through attic. (still leaking) the wood in the whole area of this thing is in bad shape. its not the only area that is like this. i had told them when i agreed to a roof that it would probably need to be re sheathed , and it would have roughly doubled the cost , but i felt it needed to be done. they said they will do that if it needs it, and said “let us see whats up there, and we will go from there”.

this is at the ridge ??

Hi there. Sorry you have to go through that. The last thing you want is to pay what you paid and get that. Best advice for you in plain English is go get a lawyer and go after that pirate. Put it all over social media and shame them.

First pic.
Yes, you are right, the shingles do not match up and is ridiculous.

2nd pic.
I believe the leak is to the right of the vent.
Basically where they installed a screw through the shingle.
They were trying to make the flashing flat.
But it is horribly humped up for some reason.
They failed.

Make your flashing flat
And cement it well
Before you install your surrounding side shingle.

These guys might not believe in roofing cement…
And water is backing up at that hump.

So you are right
Two areas need to be redone
That just got redone.
It is reasonable to not accept the same laborer.

Last pics is the underside of your ridge venting. It appears Ok.
Now if you say there is no ridge venting,
Than it is an issue and wood is missing.

thank you all for the responses. its started raining here a little bit again. i already know its leaking bad at one pipe (the hvac) and a leak at bathroom vent stack. and maybe im crazy but im seeing some small random leaks in several different places. i will need to get closer which means i got to walk my attic…i got some 2 x 10’s to walk on. hopefully that will hold and there isnt something wrong with the trusses and i go tumbling down through the ceiling
i’m tired of this b.s. i’ve been having to put too much effort into this …lol i feel like a whole investigation team.

With 3/4" T&G all knots have to be removed because they won’t take a nail. I’d have pulled at least 4X8 section to use for filler. 3/4 ply will not be the same dimension, but if you shim the rafter with starter shingle before the plywood goes down, you’ll never see it.

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If we discarded every 1x6 that had a knot in it,
We wouldnt have hardly any 1x6 to install.

And i have found that 3/4 ply matches 1x perfectly.
And i pleasantly found that some 5/8 matches up nicely to it also.