New roof installed, but damaged wood not replaced?

I recently had a roof replaced. In the contract it specified removal of all shingles and repair of any damaged/rotten wood. This past weekend, I was up in the attic and discovered some broken wood. Photos are located here:

I am concerned because if anyone steps on the roof in any of these locations, they may fall in, become injured and/or cause a major leak.

Is this a valid concern?


Mike, Id be absolutely pissed. Get them back to fix that. If it was one spot you could say maybe a guy stepped on a shitty pc. of wood with a knot in in one the way off the roof @ the end of the day. But you have three spots. If your satellite dish guy gets up there & breaks his ankle he can sue your home owners insurance.


Thanks for the reply…

What is the correct fix?

I think I know the answer…


they are valid concerns. Just so you know those boards are not rotten. the issue is that they are all the notted or inconsistant grain portions of the boards that break easy under load. Im willing to guess that they where not broken till the roof was installed and walked on or nailed into. They probably didnt break before because people avoid putting weight on them. I would just contact the roofer and allow him to come out and make the proper repairs.

That should either entail opening the roof to do so or bracing them back up flat from the attic. either or should be fine.

Unfortunatly because you chose to not sheet your roof this has become an issue. Most roofers on here do not recommend re roofing over wood decks like yours. they are often a problem just like what you have and can big even worse then what you have.

I’d call them back, but first let me say that with 12" plank decking, that is very common to see. It has a nature to dry out, not rotted, but when you hit it with a hammer, it splits and cracks and yes, falls in. Sometimes it is easy to catch when your hammer falls it, but in one of your pictures, the last nail still had meat to hit and that was the one that split. I wouldn’t get all worked up about it. Just call them back and let them know you understand the type of decking you have and they will come back.

Just looking at the other picture, it is right on a knot. Again, this is very common. Call em back. They’ll understand.

It doesnt look rotted from what I can see. I believe its just knotty pine boards, weak where the knots are. They look like fresh breaks too. Probably from guys feet or throwing down materials too hard on your roof deck. Such as a roll of paper or bundle of shingles. To repair theyll simply need to flatbar out them shingles, cut back the paper, locate the rafters to cut the deck boards, replace, & go in reverse from there. Its just pure lazyness on their part or a laborer didnt want to tell his boss. Because they probably could of hit ya for so much per foot unless the deal was free wood work?

The more I look @ it, even enlarged. Them are fresh breaks, if it was me & my company Id fix it no problem. Hopefully they will like that gentleman from Cornroe, Texas said.

Thanks to all that replied.

I have contacted my roofer and I am awaiting his reply.

Turns out I had a coworker who recently had a similar experience. His roofer did a similar fix.

Plank decks suck. You got to tell your customers this up front.

This is most likely caused by a nail gun shooting the nail in the shingle. They will break the boards. Two of those pics are on knots, and the 3rd you can see the row of nails where they hit the wood and (presumably) broke it. Do not bash your roofer for this, especially if he offered re-decking as an option. In fact, if he offered a re-deck and told you this was a potential problem with not re-decking, I would say you should pay him for the repair. I’m guessing this is not the case. Most guys do not inspect the attic when they finish a job. These are not boards that were broken and ignored, they are boards that broke during shingle installation.

I imagine he would fix this for you, and he should if he did not make this risk clear up front.

i hate 1x boards!!! seems like all the old houses here in oklahoma have 1x’s along with 2 or 3 layers, and for some reason insurance company’s wont help the customer out at all with decking charges, makes it difficult when the customer doesnt have the money and you hope for the best but when you tear of the shingles, like i suspected, the decking is shot… are there any advantages to 1x decking? to me it seems more expensive material and labor, and is a pain in the a$$ when you go to reroof… why do contractors even use the garbage

Back in the day (before cheaper plywoods) that was the way to go. Then came plywood, then OSB. Now if contractors are still putting this stuff down today then I would call him a throwback lol.

im still seeing 1x’s used in new construction here! :roll:

Guy’s I know there are other pic’s of deck damage after roof replacement , tell me about this one ![DSCN4213|666x500]