New roof installation- decking question and overhang venting?

Hello, I. have a two part need help question.

We seriously needed a new roof on our home, it was built in 1812…not that the roof is that old, but it did have slate shingles.

In the attic, there was some pretty big holes from wood rot, and the chimneys needed to be have the flashing redone The overhang is about 1-2 feet, this also needed to be replaced, as well as new gutters. Yup, big job

The roofers didn’t replace the decking stating that the vapor barrier and insulation would cover the holes in roof
Is this correct? seems unsound logic to me But, I am not a roofer.

When removing old slate shingles, they didn’t fix the softis old rotted and broken wood
stating that they would do this later Again, it seems odd.

So far, the reputable company team, failed to cover the roof on first day, and it rained flooding our attic and 2nd floor due to the decking issues. They also didn’t replace or fix the flashing. Its 2 s days after “the completed” job and we still have leaks…

We have called the company, we where told the project manager was so on holidays and would get back to us… we been waiting 5 days. we have buckets in our attic

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciate

Sounds like a mess. All rotted and damaged wood deck needs to be fixed before the roof is installed.

Screw the project manager I would be insist to talk to the owner. Let them know you have water damage and ask for copies of all insurance carrier information, that will get them moving.

we finally got someone who is coming out tomorrow.

should the softi been done at that time too?

I wouldn’t let them touch it until you have an inspection of the attic and water damage by an independent.

No, soffit work isnt part of the roofing job
Unless you specifically asked for it and they agreed.
Roofers concerns are the wood that any roofing touches.
( the decking, the trusses and the facia)

I will re-install aluminum soffit at no charge.
But wood? No way.
I dont like doing it at any charge.
Because now you have to make the soffit vents match ( if you can find them)and be a painter too.
It is a job in itself and deserves to be paid handsomely for it.