New roof doesn't look right

I just had a new roof put on my house in Omaha, Nebraska and although I don’t know anything about roofing it doesn’t look right to me. Many shingles are sticking up. Is this normal for a new roof? Will they eventually flatten out? The shingles they used are GAF Timberline series shingles.

Here are two photos:

Thank you.

Your pictures are not coming up.

Pictures arnt coming up,but if shingles are sticking up could be they just need a few days of sun and they will flatten out.

Thank you both. The pictures should work now.

I tried to insert the photos per the instructions on this site but it didn’t work. Nor could I upload the photos to the gallery.

A month of sun and you wont see any of the lifts.

The shingles need to “weather” in. A good amount of sun and warmth will correct this.

at 80 deg air temp roof temp reaches 140 and the shingles will seal down.

If you are in a northern state when its around 50 with the sun out and no clouds i have temp checked shingles and they run around 90 deg. It will take some time for this to flatten out at this temp but it will. Congrats on your new roof purchase.

Thank you all for your responses. They were very helpful.

More than likley they will stick down, but maybe not. File a complaint with the contractor and let him know you understand they may flat after some time but if they do not you expect them to be fixed. I may also see some deflection in the plywood substrate, that won’t be fixed with time.

Just keep an eye on it.