New roof did not pass inspection


Wow. What the hell is wrong with you people? Stay

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on topic. I took the downspout off cause I’m redoing those pillars. Has nothing to do with the roof.
I tried wet and forget on the roof and everything else .it didn’t do a damn thing.
It’s not algae, mold or any of that crap. The chips are coming off and the black substrate they use is showing. Shingles are defective and failing.
Got it?

If you can’t say something intelligent or helpful go piss off someone else.This text will be blurred


No Fiona, that is actually the preferred way to shingle around a boot. Having the bottom of the boot over the shingles and the top of it under the shingles provides the best scenario for water to easily drain around it.


As it was mentioned, your Decra issues are not part of the thread Fiona had
asked for assistance on. Two completely different topics all together.


Don’t pay easily can tell unserviced throw by night crew


Is this a reroof or new construction


if installed with nail guns if going to fast for size of compressor nails can do that,or underlay net if felt got wet


This is a reroof. A roof company doing a roof across the street the same day said they watched these guys shingle over wrinkled felt (#30).


The original shingle on my roof was Elk Raised Profile 30 year shingles. My roofer put GAF Natural Shadow Weather Wood 30 year shingles on the reroof. Does anyone know if this would be considered an upgrade? Honestly, I thought the Elk Raised Profile was a great shingle. I had my roof for about 14 years and only lost 1/2 a shingle during Hurricane Ike. Had hail damage in 2016 and insurance claimed that there was not enough damage for a new roof.


No, the GAF Timberline Natural Shadow is one of the lowest grade shingles of its type on the market.


Yes Axiom. From what I’ve researched that is what I found out about these shingles.

This just gets better and better.

New roof leak by the chimney. I know it’s new because I just had the ceiling painted.


Here is another picture of the steep slope in the front now that it is cold outside. I don’t ever remember seeing all of these lines with the old shingles.

Can anyone explain what is happening here? Is it the shingles, wrinkled felt, or the sheathing? The area near the bottom looks like a hole.


Let me guess. They ate your deductible?


No that is the sad part. I had a family member that worked in the business and he said he would advise me on all the repairs needed. I thought it was going to work out great because his company has an A+ with the BBB and I trusted him and he would be able to make some money. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know when he turned greedy. Charging me for upgrades when he was putting the lowest quality materials in my house.


In his defense, he did use the best underlayment.
Definitely un upgrade.
And every GAF saleman will tell you “timberlines are the best” and that it is an upgrade.
They Will put on the Natural Shadow and not the “HD” if they think they can get away with it.
I have found if a Gaf salesman doesnt specificlly write "Timberline HD"on the contract
Than you can expect "Timberline Natural shadow"
They did do as they said.
They did put on “timberlines”

The real issue was their crew thinking they could shingle over wrinkled felt.
It is a problem we all have to deal with
When using felt.
They really should replace that one section in the front and redo the chimney.
Hopefully by a different roofer very experienced in repair work.


Out of all the shingles out there, would you recommend GAF Natural Shadow to your family member? And I had 30# felt on my old roof. So he didn’t upgrade that either.


Honestly I don’t recommend gaf to anyone, only use if matching existing, or if a particular color is not avalible elsewhere. For the shingles avalible in my region, Certainteed is always my first choice, atlas second.


I’ve been avoiding GAF products for a couple decades now.


I spoke with the contractor and he has had a change of heart. He wants to now replace the shingles on 5 areas of the roof and address all issues with the roof felt. My question is, the only areas he is not addressing are 3 small slope areas (on the left front interior of the house) and the entire back of the house which is where the water leak was detected. He said he will investigate if this is a leak or was caused by the snow backing up under the shingles. And will inspect these areas for overlapping and over nailing. I believe they plan on just cutting the felt then overlapping it. I don’t think they are addressing the valley metal. His roofer claims that it is common for the valley metal to appear loose because it flexes when stepped on. Sounds like alot of patch work that may cause issues later. Should I just demand an entire reroof with a better shingle. Or will this be enough to provide a solid roof repair? Oh and different workers this time and they claim it will be all hand nailed.


Natural shadow do the job. I don’t really understand why theyre used, in my market they are $1.50/bundle less than HD. There is nothing wrong with them, however.


People will do anything to save a few pennies a square. We have been doing landmark pro at same price as landmark just because they are a better shingle and the coloring is way nicer.