New roof did not pass inspection

An overdriven nail in itself is not an issue. If I happen to shoot one I just put another properly set and placed nail roughly an inch or so away from it. If your whole roof is mostly overdriven nails than yes that can cause problems (more likely to blow off in high winds.

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Don’t be upset that they are not GAF “certified” as IMO GAF warranties (they are the ones who started this “lifetime” shingle b.s.) are one of the biggest scams in the residential roofing business. The shingles you had installed (provided it was a decent install) would most likely last roughly 20 years, and no GAF isn’t gonna foot you any $ towards your next roof when it time to replace.

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Also the inspection report said that valley metal appears loose under shingles. My insurance adjuster said the drip edge is not overlapped on corners. In some places, the shingle is trimmed with no overhang over the drip edge. And the front has bulges and looks horrible. See pic below. I guess I’m confused about what are defects and what is cosmetic. Noone wants an ugly roof.

The vertical bulge in the center of the roof in the last picture looks like something is going on with a sheet of plywood. What was there reasoning for replacing one side and not the other?

My house was damaged by a tornado. The tornado came right over the house and took off shingles and sheathing on the left side. The bad side is what he wants to redo the shingle. Roofer was supposed to inspect the entire roof after shingles were removed but did not. They only replaced sheathing that was obviously destroyed by the tornado. Now he is saying sheathing is loose on the side that had the sheathing replaced. My insurance adjuster inspected the sheathing from the attic afterwards and said it looked ok.

It’s really a shame people do that kind of work for someone who just went through a tornado.

I can’t look back at the thread right now, but believe you haven’t paid them all the money yet. The front center section looks horrible. If I was you I would not pay them another dime. Get your insurance agent and adjuster involved, get local building inspector involved, Contact local gaf rep. If they are considering that acceptable I would be looking for another roofer to fix, or redo their mess.

If your drip edge is made with an overhang
Your shingles only need to be even with the drip edge.

Does the drip edge on this corner look ok?

No, it should be done in 2 pieces.

First get a clear agreement of what needs to be done and how, second, pay only on completion and on re-inspection of a third qualified party. Put all these things in writing, a demand order to complete and correct. You may want to get a qualified contractor to help with this!

It’s not likely they will do better second time around but who knows?

The metal looks acceptable.
The shingle doesnt.
“Someone”, Not the roofer, lifted up the cap shingle to see underneath and destroyed it.

Also, no reason to overhang shingles covering eve metal that already has its own overhang.

I prefer to overhang drip edge, but it is acceptable to go flush. It should be consistent however.

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That drip edge is a hip and in order to install the metal like that they had to push it flat against the facia this will make the metal crooked in relation to the facia.
This is an aesthetic issue and is an indicator that they are poorly trained or don’t know any better.

I am currently working on a house that has very nice & expensive facia, it’s extra thick and hard to find.
I have to replace about 100’ of this facia because the water has been running down the facia for 20+ years ruining it, if the shingle was overhanging like it’s supposed to it would have saved my customer over $1,000.
This is the reason the shingle is supposed to overhang the t-drip by 1/2" - 3/4".

I realize Florida doesn’t allow this and this is the reason Florida needs it’s own special little sub.


Yes. My insurance adjuster lifted the shingle on that corner but it was already split. The underlayment underneath is split too. Did he do that by simply lifting the shingle? He lifted other corners and there are no splits.

I don’t think that drip edge is on a hip. You can see that the shingles are hanging over on the left and cut flush on the right (indicator that its an eve and a rake corner).

Here is a picture of that corner.

you cant lift the bottom hip cap piece to see how it is done
Without destroying it.
It is possible on field shingles.
Did you know that every time your inspector lifted shingles to check how they nailed it, they broke the seal and the warranty for that area?

Honestly I don’t think there is a shingle warranty. I called GAF and they told me if the shingles were not stored, handled, or installed properly then the shingles have no warranty. So I don’t know what if I have a warranty at all. My family member said I have lifetime with him and his company but now since we are in dispute, he has changed that to 10 years. It is all a mess really. I do have another question though. In the morning, once the sun shows shadow on the roof, the steep slope on the front of the house shows all the bulges and they are very easily seen. Later in the day, the bulges and ripples seem to disappear. One morning it was a cold morning (around 40) and this steep slope almost looked like all the shingles were under a big pocket of air. Is there a reason why these bulges are more noticeable at certain times of the day? (edited)

10 year workmanship is more honest!
And you will be real lucky to get that.
Lifetime workmanship is a liar.

I Hate salesman that are telling homeowners lifetime workmanship Warranty.
Selling something they cant provide.
They do it because they are not roofers…
They are salesman.
"Well the manufactuer said"
So what!!
The manufactuer is a liar!!
I know and everybody knows these shingles are not going to last 50 years!!!

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Here is a closer pic of how bad the roof looks.