New roof did not pass inspection


I had new shingles installed on my roof in September this year. We have had plenty of days where weather was 90+ here in Texas after the roof was installed. But the shingles are still not laying down on the roof. And the roof just doesn’t look good. My contractor first tried to blame it on the rafters. So I had a roof inspection done and multiple problem were discovered. Bulged shingles all over the roof due to the underlayment. Overdriven nails, exposed nails that were driven below the shingle, and overlapping shingles in numerous places, the valley metal appears loose under the shingles. Roofer also forgot to reinstall 2 ridge vents. And new sheathing was not cut under ridge vents. Also there were some flashing issues. There was no supervision during the roof installation and the shingle bundles did not look like they were new. The workers stored the shingles bent over the ridge. The inspection report confirmed that the rafters were not causing any of these issues.
My insurance adjuster came back out and told me the roofers installed the drip edge wrong too. They have it bent around the corners without overlapping. In some places they cut the shingle even with the drip edge…without any overhang.
Now my contractor wants to replace shingles only on one side of the house. The side that really looks bad. He doesn’t talk about addressing any of the other issues. I have paid him 1/2 the money but he wants the rest before he does any repairs. Why should I pay him when my roof looks bad and doesn’t even pass inspection? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


You seem to be doing the right steps with inspector ECT. I would speak with your local building inspector and Get there input.

Get everything from contractor in writing. I wouldn’t give him anymore money until it is either corrected or you have a contract in writing signed by both parties stating exactly what he Is going to do. Even then do not pay in full until everything agreed upon is completed.


Sounds like bunch illegal Mexicans did the roof


“illegal Mexicans”?

There are plenty of legal Mexicans, legal white folks and all sorts in between that do bad work.

@jamess377 did you seen who it was doing the work? Did you see the contractor managing the job?

I’m politically way to the right of Atilla the Hun but the “illegal Mexicans” bit is uncalled for.


What part of Texas are you at?


Thanks for your reply. MPA.

I’m not sure where the crew came from but they did not know my contractor’s name when I asked if he was going to drop by during the installation. The so called supervisor was in my house 4 days earlier pulling sheetrock. He also left and only came back a couple of times during the job. Also I have a picture of the shingle bundles and they look bent, bowed, and had holes and tears down the side.

Can anyone tell me why they would overlap dimensional shingles? Isn’t it pretty easy to place the shingles side by side?


There is no acceptable reason for many of the things residential roofers do.

Installing shingles is mind numbingly simple, when it is not done correctly that means the installers are poorly trained or just simply do not give a crap about what they are doing.

For example there is another recent thread about how roofers destroyed a clients siding and then had the nerve & brass balls to say that they aren’t responsible…


I’m in Cypress, TX. When I talked to my contractor about shingle selection, I told him that I wanted to upgrade the shingles to something that is more algae resistant. He told me he already picked the shingles for me and they’re great shingles. They were upgraded shingles. GAF Natural Shadow. After speaking with other roofers and my insurance adjuster, I found out that these are considered budget shingles and they don’t look good on my house at all. So I think I got a budget roof for an upgraded price. I told my contractor this and he said these are good shingles and I agreed to the price. How much should a roofer make off a roof? Because I think his profit is more than the cost of the roof. Sorry, I know everyone has to make money. Maybe if I was happy with the job, I wouldn’t care.


Different shingles vary greatly (in both cost and quality) in different regions. And it’s all preference, some people like GAF, some like Owens corning just like some people like Chevy’s and some people like Ford. In my opinion if you want an “upgrade” then you need to use something other than asphalt shingles, they are all just commodity roofing no matter what outrageous warranties they carry now. I install mostly asphalt shingles myself but I make it clear to everyone what they are getting. However, it does sound like you got a sloppy install and your 'roofer" was just a guy in a truck who knows how to sell a job and then sub’s out the work to whatever cheap unproven crew he can find.


No actually he is a family member that I thought knew how to help after I had roof damage from Hurricane Harvey. He’s a sales manager at a home remodeling company that he said had been doing roofing for over 25 years and he would make sure that I was well taken care of. Now it’s like “where’s my money” and he doesn’t want to own up for this bad work.


Home remodeling company = general contractor, not a roofer. Really sorry to hear you are having this experience especially with a family member. I hate sales guys who say “yea no problem we can do that” unfortunately the customer pays the price.


General contractors"
Home remodelers"
Doing roofing.
General contractors are shoppers of the lowest paid workers.
As long as you have the minimum paperwork.
Just my experiance.


Agreed!! Plenty of white roofers etc doing crap dork.


Wow - that can really mess up a holiday/family reunion party.
I’m no roofing expert - just had my roof re-done as a home owner, so I still find this forum interesting - was a major expenditure for me, so I spent maybe 6 months on research to figure out what I wanted/needed.
Didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, but I think it did cost me a leg.

I believe the inspector is your friend here. Once the inspector approves, then the bill is due. But not before.
There may be other problems, but as long as it’s functional and safe, the roof may be crappy, but serves it’s purpose.
After that, I would think it’s time to sue. And trust me, I hate courts and avoid them like the plague.But it sounds like this is a situation where I might actually go that route. I hate getting screwed in this kind of way, and if it’s by a family member that’s doing the screwing…; well then it’s best that they aren’t a family member in good standing anyway.

I stressed over my roof replace for probably 6 months with a lot of research to figure out what to do. Yeah, I’m a little obsessive.
But it’s now done, a non-issue, and it’s all good.
I’m not actually sure why I still watch this roofing forum or respond to things here.
But I do find it interesting for some reason.


He is coming out on Monday with a roofer supervisor that he claims works for his company to look at what needs to be repaired. I’m concerned because he’s only talked about replacing shingles that look bad. The roof inspector had told me that he randomly pulled shingles in several different areas around the roof and found problems. Also I found that they have the underlayment over the drip edge on all the rakes. Should this be corrected too?


In a perfect world yes the drip edge should be over the underlayment on the rakes but at this stage I wouldn’t worry about it. If you are having leaks/blowoffs/ any other issue it won’t be caused by your drip edge and underlayment.


So the roofer contractor came out and said he would replace the bad side and that’s all he is going to fix. He said all other issues (overlapping shingles, overdriven nails, and exposed nails) were considered cosmetic. He did not mention the loose valley metal or the incorrect ridge vent ventilation, or the drip edge. He said that over driven nails are common due to compression building up by laying down the nail gun. Note that their website states that they only hand nail. He also said that the 30 yr shingle installed that is on their contract only has a 10 year warranty because his company is not GAF certified. I think there is deceptive trade practices all over this roof job. Can anyone tell me if over driven nails is so widely accepted then why is it in the roof Inspection report? Is it time to get a lawyer?


An overdriven nail in itself is not an issue. If I happen to shoot one I just put another properly set and placed nail roughly an inch or so away from it. If your whole roof is mostly overdriven nails than yes that can cause problems (more likely to blow off in high winds.


Don’t be upset that they are not GAF “certified” as IMO GAF warranties (they are the ones who started this “lifetime” shingle b.s.) are one of the biggest scams in the residential roofing business. The shingles you had installed (provided it was a decent install) would most likely last roughly 20 years, and no GAF isn’t gonna foot you any $ towards your next roof when it time to replace.


Also the inspection report said that valley metal appears loose under shingles. My insurance adjuster said the drip edge is not overlapped on corners. In some places, the shingle is trimmed with no overhang over the drip edge. And the front has bulges and looks horrible. See pic below. I guess I’m confused about what are defects and what is cosmetic. Noone wants an ugly roof.