New Roof - Concerns about the Job


I recently had a roof put onto my family’s home (that no one currently resides in) by a local company. I had approved the estimate over the phone, which included new decking and shingles. Samples of single options were dropped off to my house, and I called with my selection. At that time, the office lady said that the main roofer would be calling me to schedule. A week had gone by and I hadn’t heard from them, but went to the residence that was to be roofed one morning, and there was a crew beginning work. I was pretty surprised to see them, and it was actually not a very good day for them to be there.

So, I wasn’t able to monitor the work being done, since I didn’t know they were coming. I drove past a few times during the day and saw the roof being torn off/replaced, but I don’t know much about the process so I would just glance and think “Oh, looks good!” … they ended up being there until dark, the roof was complete. The guys left… but there was some supplies and a large dumpster trailer left in the driveway overnight.

What struck me as concerning, was that there was no sign of any old decking that had been removed. There were only shingles and some branches/trash in the dumpster and there were 5 sheets of new plywood sitting against the house. Shouldn’t the decking logically be on top of the old shingles in the dumpster?

How would I know that the decking was replaced, as quoted? There was a small hole in the roof (which led to the call to have it replaced) … so I would have to assume that it was fixed. They never had me sign anything formally approving the work, they didn’t call to schedule… I didn’t actually hear from them after the job for about two weeks, but I just received an invoice today. It just all is striking me as odd, and I would appreciate any advice or info!! Thanks in advance!


A. Talk to them.

B. Go in attic and look.

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I had to resheath a roof when the customer was on an oil rig. I took pictures to show him,wasn’t good enough. So he crawled in his attic and seen the date codes. Everything good after that.

They might have taken pictures, I take lots but not everyone does.
If it’s an old house with boards rather than plywood originally,they probably installed the plywood on-top. Completely normal and acceptable

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Talk to them, was it a plywood or plank deck?. If it’s plank we normally go over it with plywood. If it was plywood, the old plywood needs to v me off before the new plywood goes on.