New roof but roofers reused the drip edge, exhaust top hat and didnt replaced plywood with mold


Read the detail you posted, it explicitly says under the drip edge on the rakes.

This is the same thing as saying the drip edge goes on top of the underlayment on the rakes is it not?


Certainteeds spec and detail needs to have some exclusions in it.
Their spec about felt over the eve metal only works on steep pitches.
It fails on lower pitches.
Example- a couple months ago a homeowner had two layers of 30 pound felt over the eve metal on a 3/12 pitch. All the wood on the bottom had rotten.
Their spec only works on 5/12 pitch or above…

A better specification would be the eve metal over the underlayment and then sandwiched with either roofing cement or ice and water shield.

We sandwich our metal on our rakes also
But that is just for high wind resistance.


“If the material wasn’t sent its not getting replaced”?..Now it all makes sense. If my customer asks for things…we make it happen. Even if I have to charge extra or eat the expense… My apologies Texas…that one detail would have me questioning the contractor too.


Its all good Guru. I left out a lot of information so it did seem like I was being an ass to the roofers. I just kept questioning whether these guys would actually tell me if something needed to be replaced if it was bad or if they were just going to do what they were told since that’s all the material they had… It was just a thought… Overall the roof looks great and I respect these roofers for there dedication, hard work, and knowledge…