New roof but roofers reused the drip edge, exhaust top hat and didnt replaced plywood with mold


New roof but roofers reused the drip edge, exhaust top hat and didnt replaced plywood with mold… I had discussed this verbally with the woman scheduling my roof and even asked her if she would be on site to make sure this was taken care of and she confirmed she would… So I got a call on 1/2/18 that my shingles would be getting ordered but still couldn’t confirm start date… Well next day as I was sleeping from working night shift I got a text message saying roofers would be starting today. So I texted back and made sure this message was meant for me… Not knowing for sure I drove by the job site since just the day before the material was going to be ordered and didn’t see anyone… So I came back home and took a nap… On the way to work I drove by and nearly over half of the roof was complete… So I looped back around and noticed the old exhaust top hat was still on roof and already shingled around it… Asked about plywood with mold and roofer didn’t know anything about it but said it looked ok and had already shingled it… The old drip edge was being used but was told that it can be reused if it doesn’t look bad… The only thing I asked if its the old L style drip edge then to replace it… Is it too late to have any of this redone? That’s why for a whole month I was wanting a start date so I could go and make sure the roof was going to be done to my satisfaction… I feel like all the talk about how I wanted roof done was for nothing because a different crew came in and wasn’t even aware of what my concerns were when they were going to start the roof… Such as replacing plywood with mold before nailing new roof…



From what you say, it isn’t right. Having said that, the one thing you must do when you have conversations with the contractor is to get it in writing. Did you receive a written quotation when you got the bid? Was there a contract? If so, what did the contract say? If you have no quote and no contract, you’re in a bad position. Talk to your local building department and find out if, #1, the contractor pulled a permit to re-roof. Also, ask them if any of the items you mentioned are against their codes. Good luck.


I just looked through my text and I don’t have anything specific saying about the plywood replacement or any of the exhaust vent top hats… But I went over it atleast three or four times in person and on the phone with the lady that was setting up my roofing… I will send a text message today to ask her if the insurance is paying for replacing the pipe jack and drip edge then why wasn’t it done… And if its too late which I know it is to replace it then Id like the difference in costs to be deducted from what I am to pay out… That only sounds fair to me… Am I right or wrong? I’m staying up today after working nights to check on job and make some phone calls…

And yes I signed a very basic contract with nothing specific noted on it. Atleast I don’t think it was… Ill call to get a copy of contract.

If someone would atleast called me to let me know they were on site then I could have gone and talked to them prior… I always seem to be left out of the loop when I’m the one that’s going to be paying for the job.


Look at your contract. If replacing eave drip isn’t specified then it is common for roofers to use their own judgement. We always specify and replace drip because its usually damaged removing shingles. NEVER expect anything in specific unless its written out somewhere…otherwise it becomes a debate of that’s not what I said or how I understood it…Text and email are the best way to communicate…every word is recorded…:heavy_check_mark::+1:


Ok… Well I have two different style drip edges… The roofers said it would be fine… And I tried to get them to replace it but they don’t have the material so I would just be delaying the roofing so I just told them to go ahead and finish. I called the person that set up the roofing job and they told me that the insurance did not cover my drip edge and that is why she did not order the material for the roofers…

Next question… Would my insurance claim actually specify if drip edge is to be replaced or is this assumed that it will get done if the description on the claim states " Remove composite roofing shingles"?

And what exactly is the metal pipe jack? I’m thinking its the boot around the conduit going to weatherhead for power company to connect? Am I right or wrong? Because I asked the roofer if that was going to get replaced and he said they normally don’t remove that one… Tried calling insurance claim adjuster but he is no longer in that department and now it would require me getting assigned a new person and inspection… But roofer wants to get paid 2 day!!

Update: Insurance said no the drip edge was not covered… And it was not damaged… And roofer does not have to remove it or mess with it to remove the existing felt. And can lay the new underlayment over the drip edge. So that is why insurance did not cover it because it wasn’t damaged. If its damaged now then that is at the expense of the roofer…


A lot of roofers don’t replace the boot on a power jack. You need a split boot and they aren’t at your local home depot or lowes. The boot should be replaced at same time roof is done. Remember the boots life expectancy is already much less than the shingles even when new. Hope that helps. Try ABC Supply for boot.


Drip edge can be reused if it’s in acceptable condition, and steel flashings on electrical stacks can also be reused, depending on the type.
There is a style that is common here, that uses a separate storm collar that is sealed to the pipe with caulking. If it’s that style it can reused without issue. Post a picture


I’ll take a picture in the morning. The roofers are already done. They wanting to collect money now. I told them I will inspect property tomorrow and then I’ll pay if I’m satisfied. Took a day and a half to roof 2,000 sq ft.


I tried to upload heat exhaust vent. After I said I would deduct from final price the roofers went back after it was roofed and installed this box style vent. Is this for heat service? And do I need to spray it with a water hose to check if it will leak?


The insurance company is wrong.

The drip edge on the rakes is supposed to be on top of the underlayment, the only way to do this is to detach and reset the existing drip edge or replace with new.

The box vent pictured in your latest post is for ventilation not for heat exhaust, large flapper vents for kitchen exhaust hoods look like this, what is under it?


This is the exhaust that was on there previous. As you can see it was already roofed around it.

This is actually in bathroom exhaust. So will it still work for bathroom exhaust heater fans?


They do make that style with the required flapper, or it may have a flapper attached to the roof previously.
It is impossible to know from that pic.


Ok. Crawled up in attic. After pin pointing the pipe I realized it was a 2 inch PVC pipe that protruded the roofing. So it’s a vent coming off the sink or shower going to sewer.

If this is the case is this attic vent still ok to use? I just want to make sure water isn’t going to seep into home some how… I do believe original style furnace style exhaust vent was over kill but much better than this new style attic vent. Opinions?


Provided that type of vent is properly installed it will leak free the entire life of your roof. Even in your situation.


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The drip edge does “not” go over the underlayment. Nothing wrong there.


Texas…did you get proof of insurance from your contractor? I spend thousands a yr on mine and only 1 customer ever tried to hold my pmt waiting on rain to see if my work held water. If you are this wary of your roofer…why did you hire them? It is not a contractors job or responsibility to teach our trade to every customer who doesn’t know our job. You seem to be over critical to me.


It is supposed to be run over the paper on gables, though it is a very minor detail.


Guru. I’m not being over critical. I’m just asking questions. I’m not asking you to teach me your trade. I just know there are shitty roofers as there are shitty inexperienced people in every trade. The overall job was discussed with same company but different roofing crew that had showed up so that’s why I was questioning the work. Because this guy said if he wasn’t sent with the material than its not getting replaced. So that didn’t sit good with me. But that’s not how it should be. If I see a bad spot then I want it replaced. It’s all in the way the answers are presented. I guess you’ve never heard of a new roof leaking? Its not my trade and I’ve witnessed two different roofs leaking and no effort to repair even if all it took was tar on an exposed nail.