New roof and not happy!

New roof installed in June. We have obvious issues with the job and front of house (see pic). Contractor states that my rafters are not straight and that is why shingles are not laying down. Feedback, please!

It would seem like you and the contractor are miscommunicating, I hope. What I see is rust in the gutters and a rotten fascia board with bondo applied.


You might provide some decent photos specifically illustrating your complaints. The photo you provided shows nothing.


Roofer is 100 percent correct.
The structure looked like that
When he started.
Replacing the roof doesnt make your structure
Magically flat and straight.
He roofs whatever you have.

That is a framing issue.
Yes, trusses are not straight, plain with the other trusses.
NOT a roofing issue!

To the roofers… when you see a homeowner
Has ridge line, truss issues where the ridge isnt straight… dont Sell/ install ridge venting!!!
It accentuates the crooked ridge line.

I try to only install ridge vent on straight ridges.

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