New roof advise 22

Hi, I’m having a pitch roof replaced and the membrane they are installing has some staple holes were they have missed rafters, should I be concerned? Thanks

Do you have any photos? That it is not a sentence I’ve heard before. Just a communication error. A photo may give us a clearer idea of your question.


Thought I was the only one here working with coal tar…

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Your sheeting was fastened to code when it was built.
Your roofer refastened the sheeting to make it better.
We cant see the trusses under the sheeting when we are adding new fasteners.
We can see the fastener drive too deep and the gun will not try to bounce back, that is how we know if we missed the truss.
It happens.
We dont dig out the fasteners that missed the truss.
We just correct it by Adding another fastener in the correct spot.