New Rood discontinues Shingles put on?!

We just had our shingles replaced for the second time in two years. Once for defective shingles. The second time was due to storm damage, but found out the shingles on our roof were defective again! Owen Corning. Months and months passed, with no word from Corning so we had the new roof put on. We really liked the color of Flagstone in the Oakridge series. We were told it was hard to get, no mention that it was discontinued. As I said months had passed since the original meet. When it came time to put the roof on, we were told Flagstone was available, so we ordered it. We had no idea it was discontinued until AFTER the roof was installed. I asked the contractor for extra shingles in case we needed some for repairs at some point. I believe we should have been informed PRIOR to installation and would like feedback regarding the same. There are other issues, but I just want to know about this for now. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

The short answer is no, I don’t think they had any obligation to tell you those shingles were discontinued if you were the one who requested them (which sounds like you were). With that said i would have told you if you were my customer (not that I would have found it wrong to install those shingles). I actually wasn’t aware oakridge was discontinued.

I’m really suspicious about all the “defect”. This does happen although it is not common and it rarely shows itself in a year or so. If it showed defect that quickly then roofers probably should have seen it upon installation. Some guys do and say “nail it on. We’ll get paid again to redo it”.
Just a thought.

I don’t there is a legal obligation but there certainly is a moral one. I would have told you immediately. I don’t think the obligation is with OC but rather, with the contractor.

Thank you for your response. They gave us the sample folder to choose from. It was just the color we chose, not the whole series that was discontinued, sorry for the confusion. BTW we would not have chosen a discontinued color as they can be very difficult to match down the road if repairs are needed. I think disclosure is the right thing to do as well. Thanks again for the feedback.

Your best bet is to track a handful of bundles down now and throw them under your porch or something. Maybe a bundle of ridge caps to.

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