New reroof leak at chimney corner


Track small leak in attic at upside chimney corner after new reroof work. Observed small damp brick in attic, wet spot in rafter & wet roof deck.

Topside chimney counter flash has screws near the corners? Comments?


Give them a call. They need to address the fastener on the backside for sure. Any amount of water hits and runs up that 1"… The leak could be anything. Not a method of flashing I would do.


The shingles should not be caulked to the counter flashing. Something defently going on there. When you say re roof was the old roof torn off?


Thanks. Yes. Tear off & new roof. Attached pic of leak underneath.


Gum lip flashings are okay, not the best but acceptable if done properly
They detailed the corner improperly, and no reason for all that caulking. Needs to be redone by somebody else


The guys are behind kind. That’s a poor chimney flash job period and destined to cause problems over time.


They went too tall with the counter flashing.
They didnt clean the wall good enough first.
That is why it is not flat on the back.
The counter flashing is curved.
That is why they had to put the fasteners on the back so low- to tighten it back to the chimney-which could cause a leak.

But on the back they also brought the counter flashing too low - in the way of the shingles.
I think that is your leak.
I think the counter flashing needs to be trimmed up higher , out of the way of the shingles
And shingles removed and replaced across the back of the chimney.

I believe the sides of the chimney flashing are all one piece.
Flashing and counter flashing in one attempt type thing.
Not a good technique.
I would demand a different roofer from the company come out and replace it.

Some more caulking on the top lip is not going to give confidence.