New Re-Roof Questions

several questions

I am having a re-roof job performed in a couple of weeks.

Southeast location,non-coastal

1.does outside temperature matter at time of install?

2.installing a ridge vent-Trimline brand
are their different ridge vent models? should I know which model roofer intends to install? is one mdl better than another? should I even care?

3.the ridge vent will have the shingle over shingle…
do I need special shingles installed over the ridge vent? shingle chosen is GAF/Elk Prestique HD 30 yr. do I automatically assume that builder will install the correct one?

4.Is it cost effective to consider upgrading to the 40 yr Prestique HD?

5.I have a Fl room on back of house that has two “valleys” on the roof. these valleys have the shingles woven together. I notice on brochures and other homes that some have a copper type valley. what is the advantage if any over one type vs the other? Each valley is about 10-12 ft from the top to the gutter. of course these valleys catch the rain from the Fl room.

your advice is appreciated.
thank you.

Hi tiger here are some answers for you:

  1. Temp will make the shingles not lay down flat for a bit longer with the colder temps. Typically it would take about a week in the summer but with temps in the 30’s and 40’s it will take much longer. This is normal.

  2. I perfer shingle vent II from air vent. It is a personal choice of years of using different products. It can not be nailed with a gun and must be hand nailed along with capping with 3 inch nails. It also flows 18 inches per foot. ANything that can not flow that i would not use. Some guys are anything works, if the vent does not have a baffle it could cause snow to come in the vent. I am not fimilar with the product you stated so i can not comment on it.

  3. I use only hip and ridge products that are designed to last as long as the 30 year shingle. Some contractors only use 3 tabs and have a 25 year warranty. If im not mistaken it is called timbertex for gaf shingles.

  4. The actual cost is not much but all contractors raise the price due to extra install time. It is a time thing somewhere around 1200 and up depending on your size of your roof. Is it worth it, i always tell my customers this: Are you going to be in the home for 30 years +? Older couples i try and steer them away from that because there is no point when your in your 55 and older crowd to install a 40 year roof. If you are younger than maybe but that does not mean you will stay in the home for 40 years, many many people do not.

  5. Copper valleys are very expensive. A closed cut valley will work just fine and is a standard. On a 30 year shingle i feel it is a waste of money.

Hope that helps answer your questions.

I would use metal in valleys with fiberglass shingles,fiberglass shingles can crack when pushed to shape of valley,doesnt have to be copper can be 26g. metal.

Thank you for your replies.

Does anyone consumer or roofer have experience with TrimLine Ridge vents?

And I assume I should insist on the correct Ridge Cap shingle for my ridge vent. Correct?

And so the metal type valley is more expensive, it could prevent a problem down the road. Correct?

Thank you.

trimline is very low quality cheap vent.

use either GAF snow country or shingle vent II.

I see where Air Vent makes two mdls,shingle vent II and shingle vent II class A.

what’s the difference?

thank you.

If a closed valley is properly installed it will last as long as the rest of the roof. I dont like doing metal on 30 year shingles. Im in my 15th year of this and have never had a valley yet leak. ANd yes i just did one 2 weeks ago.

I am in my 28th yr of this and alot of roofs up here do not last without valley metal closed valleys work for awhile but not as long as metal.

where is up here?


  1. no

  2. shouldnt care

  3. builders got it

  4. dont like to thick a shingle.

  5. there are many styles of valleys which all work just fine.


  1. there are many styles of valleys which all work just fine.[/quote]

theres the closed and metal,what other styles are you refering too?