New member price/material question

I’ve narrowed my company down based on positive history, my question are since I’m not a roofer.

Eagle concrete tile? :heavy_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
South FL
Gable 17 square

30 min base with one layer of ASTM D249 mineral surface tile underlayment, as cap sheet, set in
a layer of ASTM D312 Type IV hot asphalt

Optional CertalnTeed GMS Modified Bitumen superior tile underlayment, as cap
ASTM D312 Type IV hot asphalt $2500

Is it worth the cost?

Flat 7.5 square which is attached to gable roof

one layer of ASTM D4601 asphalt saturated glass base sheet tin capped
two layers of ASTM D2178 fiberglass sheet set in ASTM D312 Type IV hot
asphalt .
one layer of ASTM D6164 CertainTeed GMS modified bitumen ASTM D312
IV hot asphalt

$23k no options. Includes everything from start to finish.

4 quotes and all roughly fairly close in price. Different material which I don’t know anything about.

Anything material wise I should ask or be concerned about?

Thanks in advance :beers:

Sounds great to me!

I wouldnt offer hot asphalt
But i respect those that do.
They are a dying breed.
I always thought my job was dangerous and hard enough already.

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I asked about asphalt vs torch and the sales rep response was: “Hot mop allows us to evenly heat and spread the hot tar across the roof. It ensures 100% coverage and adhesion. Torch down can cause unevenness because it’s harder to heat up the paper evenly and to ensure it reaches a hot enough temp to bond completely”
I read online both are good, but torch does require knowledge and skill where hot mop kinda requires more labor and proper tar temperature. If it were me doing the labor I would prefer torch.

Hot mop is a skilled art.


And a dying one, sadly. Great system when done correctly.

Torch down requires knowledge and skill and hot mop requires labor and proper temperature? That guy does not own a kettle. Hot requires WAY more knowledge and skill and torchdown was the stepchild that came in when hot roofers started going by the wayside.


I worked on a two man hot crew when I was 18 years old. The mop man, supposedly my best friend and drinking buddy, said “the mop man only mops”
(He was the mop man). I carried hot, set rolls and ran the kettle. My boss always required me to load full plugs, 100 pounders if I remember correctly, by bear hugging them and lowering them into the hot kettle without getting splashed while breathing noxious fumes. I also had to sometimes carry buckets of hot up a two story ladder. Torchdown is harder than this how?

And I forgot to mention, my boss also insisted on always running our hot at 550 degrees and screamed at you if you burnt yourself and didn’t get the roll set properly and wasted a bucket of hot by treating your burn. Ahh…those were the days.

Better make sure those kegs are dry before loading!

All I saw was kegs and I’m thinking of beer lol. Like I said earlier, I’m not a roofer and hot mop seems harder to me. But other than hot mop, is the material being used good material for price?

We always had at least 3 people doing hot.

There was always a guy at the kettle, always.

We lived dangerously because we were dumb kids who didn’t know any better and our boss was an idiot. We definitely had some bad kettle adventures and thankfully no one was hurt.

I don’t know that prices there but the system is fantastic.

All the things you said tileman is the reason why i dont offer hot mop.
I have hot experience myself.
I learned quick enough about all the “adventures”, kettles catching on fire
And everyone has the burn scars,
And Hopefully not on your face…

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