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Would like to introduce myself: Residential roofing company owner here in NC. In business for 1 year,shingles,metal and flat. I have 11 years of experience in roofing. My dad and uncle both have companies. 25 years old and have passion for roofing and look to make it my career. I really like this forum and thanks for all of your help and support. I have been reading about three weeks now.Nice to meet any other roofing company owners and I like others new ideas. Thanks and best regards.


welcome & good luck


gtp 1003 may be able to help with “other new ideas.”

oh no you didnt! :smiley:


welcome brother roofer.


Hello and welcome to our humble abode…


Welcome Brother Roofer and may you be blessed with continued enthusiasm and energy to continue on your prosperous way of roofing in your local area. May nothing stand in your way that would cause you to either become disillusioned or depressed about this vocation. God bless you and your family.





Whats up


where’s Pelham? I’m from northeastrn NC. just curious




Hi friends! i am also new to this forum. I like this forum because i am interested to make some discussion about the roofing problems. Anyone interested to make discussion about the roofing problems. I am waiting…


what problems?? I dont see any stinking problems


liquid dude.
what are you talkin about?
and what is liquid roof again?