New house Roof looks odd


I am closing on this new construction west facing house in Houston. The roof above the garage looks odd to me. I asked the home inspector and he said they look good to him. I feel if I don’t use technical terms the builder is just going to shrug it off.

Please tell me if I have gone crazy or you experts see what I am seeing?


2 spots the shingles were butted too close together causing them to pucker up (easy fix). And your flashing is a little on the sloppy side (but should be waterproof). Look at some other houses that your builder did and see if they are done much better.


islandroofing is right, the roofer probably cut the shingles measuring from the wall, but didn’t account for the flashing, then when the flashing was installed the shingle was a tad to long and butted up next to the other shingle. Just go up there and apply some roofing cement to flatten it down (put one under the other if you need to). A tad sloppy but what matters most is it serves its purpose of being water proofed for years to come. After its flattened thats about all you can do. Noone really pays attention to roofs anyways.


Doesn’t look like it is going to leak but looks bad, flashing epically, for new confection. Also alot of loose derbies on the roof if that is a finished product.


It honestly looks like your wood underneath is buckling.


I do not think there is any issue with the wood underneath.


The roofer used the “J” flashing and it’s lifting up some. Typical of “J” flashing.


Looks like crap. And is that paint or bird poop. Make builder send roofer to fix it…


Look up permit on the house and see when then roof install was done, that should tell you the date.


Very helpful response…