New House Questions


New home build using builder’s roofing sub. He will install anything but seems to prefer CertainTeed, which is fine with me. I’m leaning towards Landmark Premium or maybe Highland Slate asphalt. I’ve attached the architect’s roof framing plan. I have the following questions:

  1. I’m in the Midwest with high winds, rain, snow & ice. We’re talking about water/ice shield on the low pitch, eaves & valleys. Given the complicated layout, would it just be as easy and nominal additional cost to just cover the whole roof with water/ice shield? Recommended?

  2. Paper or synthetic felt?

  3. Any considerations between Landmark Premium & Highland Slate other than appearance? Any other Landmark lines to consider, there are many?

  4. Approximate squares? I’m guessing about 60.

  5. Ridge or static vents?

  6. Install instructions for Landmark call for closed valleys. Roofer says his experience here calls for open valleys. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.


Landmark premium is a great shingle so is landmark pro. Highland slate does not compare to either in my opinion, basically a large format three tab. If you are looking at the premium but want the slate look go with the grand manor they are a true upgrade of a shingle. Neither is inexpensive


I have a strong preference for open metal valleys. Done properly they are both attractive and effective.


6/12 is borderline too low of a pitch for a designer shingle, unless it was a Presidential TL…

Belmont (“baby grand manor) from CT is a better option than Highland Slate in my opinion.

Landmark premium is a heavyweight shingle but that is about it, take a look at Northgate, there are a lot of benefits to the new SBS shingles on the market.


I took a look at Northgate. Thanks for the tip. How does it compare to Landmark Premium in price, maybe 5-10% more?


In my area Northgate is lower in price than premium. Dont get much hail here so no one is stocking them.

I forgot about Belmont that is another decent choice. Same look as highland slate but much better shingle and roughly th he same price as the premium.