New forum features!


Hey everybody -
just a quick summary of some of the features on the new site:

  • you can now flag posts that you think are spammy or should be deleted
  • you can ‘like’ a post to indicate that you agree with it, without having to write a full response to it
  • the site works really well on mobile devices
  • you can now upload images just by dragging and dropping them on your post:

  • if you paste a YouTube link, the video will appear within the message:
  • The site will keep track of what you haven’t read, and can email you when people reply to your posts.
  • Much better spam and fake account detection
  • Cool 90’s design! :wink:

We hope you like it!



“you can now upload images just by dragging and dropping them on your post”

That is a very helpful feature!


Also, the new forum has some pretty aggressive spam remove logic. If you post something and it disappears 10 minutes afterwards, it’s probably because the spam detector flagged it as spam and we didn’t get in to un-flag it fast enough. Sadly a number of posts this week were inadvertantly flagged as spam and we didn’t un-flag them fast enough. We’ll get better at this.

As you post more you won’t be subject to such harsh spam filters - the system takes your posting history on the new forum into account.



also, you can create polls. Make the title of your post start with ‘Poll:’ and then include a list in the poll, using the list icon in the editor: