New flat roof question


Does the edge of this flat roof look correctly done?


Looks like coated spray foam.
Yes the bottom edges need extra.
And that is a very flat roof holding a little water.

Ive never done spray foam.
But i respect it and it does well if you maintain it By keeping it coated.


Sorry, I should have provided more details - this is a torch down roof covered with a kind of silver paint. From the ground the edge looks pretty rough and I would have expected a piece of metal trim or something to make it look more finished.


It is supposed to have a metal edge.


Completely wrong, but can be fixed. Edge needs to be cut back, metal edge installed, primed, then stripped in with modified. Honestly I would take a look at how they did the rest of the details.


Ugh, in my mind, i would never imagine someone just folding the torch over on an outside edge.
I couldnt understand why that bottom edge detail was rounded
Never have i seen anyone do that before.
Highly dangerous and Pretty ugly.

I wouldnt have the same company fix it.
I am not sure i would do anything to it.
Im afraid that when they try to re-work it
You now have a backwards seam
And this roof holds some water.
Im afraid it could be a disaster.
I would leave it as is.


Can you still strip in a piece around the edges after aluminium coating was installed? I’ve never tried.


Was hard to see in pictures that it’s already silver coated, would have to clean or burn coating off first.


I don’t know of anything that cleans aluminum coating off, I burn it off with my torch.


Cleaning it off would be the more politically correct osha approved term for burning it off.


Thank you all for your replies. Could you explain what advantages a correctly built roof would have over this one?


Bending the modified over the edge and sticking it to the gutter is causing a hump witch is holding water. Eventually it will become unstuck from the gutter, then you will have an unsecured edge. Modified is not designed to be bent 90 degrees, a bend that tight will cause it to crack and fail prematurely.


I have had two other reputable roofing companies out here to inspect the roof, and each of them said that this installation is fine. I showed them pictures from GAF’s installation instructions (attached here), but they didn’t seem impressed.

Their opinion was that even though the roof didn’t look great it would be effective at keeping out water. When I mentioned the longevity problem (the bending stresses would likely cause an early failure at the edges), I was told that they saw more problems with sheets coming off if they weren’t folded over.

Could this be some kind of special technique for cold weather climates? I have no idea what to believe.


The manufactuer drawing is incorrect.
They dont understand that their material shrinks.
You dont make the material even with evemetal
Or cut it even with the metal.
It always shrinks back away from the rake peice metals.

You DO need to over hang the metal.
I try for an inch.
It still looks real nice, stiff and is not droopy.
I would have to agree that the three inch overhang probably wont fail
I am saying it is unattractive and sloppy looking
Which i guess is subjective.