New decking

My Dad started roofing his house last weekend and after tearing off part of the roof, he realized that he needs need decking. He were told to use 7/16 osb. I believe these come in 4 X 8 sections.

My Dad is determined to do this on his own - with my help when I can. So…he wants to cut the 4 X 8 sections in half so he can get them up the ladder and on the roof by himself due to being 68 years old.

I am thinking that by cutting the sheets in half you are hurting the strength and somewhat defeating the purpose. Any input is appreciated.


I would put full sheets on for sure,staggered of course.If the roof isnt that far off of the ground you could build some stilts for the plywood(osb).Then you could load up the stilts from ground and reach from the eaves.Hope that makes sense :wink:

Going by your reply on another post about you being anal, which there is nothing wrong with that, I would go with 5/8 CDX.

7/16 is just way too weak and thin.

Gtape - thank for the reply!

The house was built in the 60’s and the salesman at the supply house told my Dad that depending of the support (trusts) that if they are 2 x 4’s, the extra weight could be a problem. I think this scared my Dad because he thinks he has 2X4’s - so he is looking at a thinner sheet in case the extra weight would be an issue!

Are new trusts bigger than a 2 X 4 and could this be a problem? if not, I am sure we would go with the 5/8 cdx

Thanks again!

Honestly if your dad is 68 he shouldn’t be on the roof. At least talk him into hiring a laborer to do the lifting.

Don’t cut the sheets in half use full sheets. Every other row should start with a full sheet and every other row starts with a half sheet. This way your seems stagger every 4’.

Get over there and either do the lifting for him or pay someone.

That is a heart attack waiting to happen, and I do not take that lightly. This is serious lifting and should also use the full size 4’ x 8’ sheets.


yeah there has to be a young kid in the neighbor hood that could help him with the heavy lifting.

keep the boards in full peaces if ya can.
now if pop says itll be allrite,
then dag gummit leave him alone.

i have a 68 year old father too.
hard to get dads to agree on anything.


My Dad is 72 and wants to buy his shingles from Menards because he saw them in a sale flyer, even though the prices were not discounted.

To save the approximate $ 45.00 delivery charge, he want to drive his pick up truck back and forth and unload the shingles onto a 2 wheel dolly to put them on the lawn where he wants them to be.

I’m going up there to his house in Green lake Wisconsin this weekend and measuring the darned thing and bringing my crew up for a combination work week and fishing vacation.

Why is my Dad as stubborn as I am?