New Construction?

How much is average for new construction (per square) in Mass.

$45/sq with your nails.

oh, and you have to be insured

$45.?? what are you on crack ?

Jim, i know a developer who builds condos, and pays his roofers 45 / sq.

Well, those roofs begin to leak soon, bat it is what it is, and that is what he pays.

Union scale is about 34.00 per hour for a journeyman in the Chicago area, plus about 7.00 to $ 8.00 per hour in benefits.


Im glad the builders we work with are very different.
$700 per square for cedar roof install labor only right now. ashphalt new work $200 to $300 labor only. We were backloged all course reroofing with us buying all the materials is a lot more. My employees all earn a living wage and are American.

That is great, and i’m happy for you!

The fella asking the original question, will not have the luxury of charging those rates in this down economy with no experience and reputation that you have.

As a roofing start-up, his options at this stage are:

  1. Subbing
  2. Low-balling the re-roofs
  3. Finding a more attractive business opportunity

Of course i wish him best of luck, but this is a tough time to start in the roofing biz.

PS, we do not install shingles, so the 45/sq rate is what i know from that builder.

Besides, talking with one of project managers at Toll Brothers a couple of years ago, I asked him just out of curiosity what they paid for roofing. Well, they were around 65/sq i think.

Now Toll Brothers lost over $100 million last quarter, so my guess is that their rates are down and they probably stopped building new homes until they unload what they already built. They have two large developments here in North Attleboro.

To Ed,

I doubt he’ll get the union pay for new constructin…

Toll brother are notorious for shoddy workmanship and cheap lower end subs. They did a neiborhood in Canton,Ma that I worked on about ten years ago.Pulte is another one that is just like Toll brothers, the crap they built in Plymouth has all kinds of problems.
I would tell a new guy to not participate in the recession and focus on great customer service and quality.Most new construction builders are really not worth working for unless they are in the high end market or just appreciate the fact that most problems that result in construction litigation wether residential or commercial stem from roof leaks. They should choose there roofer carefully as they would choose there heart surgeon.

ditto, bennett