New construction house. Shingles don't match

We are currently building a new home. The shingles on the roof appear to be from a different batch (i’m guessing) because some of the shingles are slightly darker than the rest. As you can see in the picture, there is a very large patch of shingles at the bottom that are darker than the top. There is also another patch similar on the front side of the house. It has rained several times and there has been no change.

When I mentioned it to the builder, he said that there were “extra granules” on those shingles that needed to be “brushed off” and that this is “pretty common”. None of the other houses in the neighborhood have this problem.


Your builder is full of crap. Ask him who is going to brush off those extra granules and tell him you want to watch. That’s ridiculous. I’m not sure about different “batches”, that has pretty much been taken care of unless they somehow got batches from different factories mixed in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if given a month or so and a couple of rains, the colors blend in and match up fine. This isn’t a normal occurrence but it also isn’t that rare either. In most cases, a little time will solve the problem. With that said, I wouldn’t give the builder the final payment until that has happened or the problem has been fixed.


I agree it is not perfect.
I dont think it looks that bad either.
In a couple years, i dont think you are Going to be able to tell.

What brand of shingles? There’s one or two that are bad for this. It does even out a little bit over time.

It MIGHT resolve itself over time but it also may get worse. I agree with Authentic to withhold payment until you are satisfied. The fact that the builder just casually threw out a lie would be offensive and insulting to me.



Who picked out the shingle color and the shingle manufacturer? Was it you or the home builder?

Sounds like different batches. Ask for money off, or do over. But don’t agree to someone brushing your granulars away. He should get a reimbursement from his lumberyard, as the fault lies there. Batch A, batch B.