New Construction bad roof


I am having a home built. After sheeting on roof was installed I noticed the plywood was wavy around entire outside of roof at facia including at corners where the plywood curved up almost 3 inches. They shingled it anyway after I notified builder. Can anyone tell me how this can be fixed. Also truss are not level.


Horrible. I think you know that. If trusses aren’t level, somethings really wrong. You must be using vinyl fascia since I don’t see any fascia on the sub. A new home, not good. Don’t accept it. It’s not right.


Thanks, that’s what we told the builders agent.


Put all of your concerns in wiring, contact the local building inspector.


Not perfect.
Not outlandish either.
I noticed you didnt post an after pic.

You do know that none of the horizontal
Seams are nailed above that bottom seam
either right?
And none of those seams have their own “blocking”

And When the roofers nailed the eve metal and the starter strip, im sure many of those nails hit the 2x6. Close to a dozen nails drawing it down.

Im betting the bottom looks nice and straight now.
I’d hold your horses on this particular battle…


This is what my roof looks like. It’s not ok and definately not for a 250k new construction home.


Oh hell no.
I take it all back.
Im so sorry.
Maybe you are getting gutters all around and it is supposed to hide it?
Oh my goodness.
That pic rules.


Yeah the whole thing looks like that lol


Just tell the builder the bottom edge of the sheeting needs to be nailed.
It still can be done.

I am confident you will get this resolved with The builder with these pics.
Its ok.
Show and tell the builder superintendent.


It looks like a few high trusses, production oriented framers do this all the time.

This can’t be easily fixed.

How does the rest of the framing look?

Do their cuts look like they know how to use their tools?

Check to see how well the walls are nailed off.

After years of working behind various framing crews, some just don’t seem to give a crap.

This isn’t the roof it is the framing.


Once my sheeting gun was set up,
I could nail all that bottom edge sheeting and make it look great in probably an hour.

It looks like the roofing still needs to be finished to me…
And the roofers might have left that out based on your concern allowing the framer to come back and renail the bottom without hurting their roofing.
On the other hand a lot of roofers/ builders across the country dont use Eve metal drip edge so you have that droopy look no matter what
( hidden by gutters)


Look closer at pics. The sheeting is up and down with the truss.



I suspect that the framers will claim/blame a bad truss package.


Why I hate working I on anything built in the last 50 years.

Send the builders office an email with your concerns and photos attached. Not saying you have a bad contractor, but the Biggest mistake homeowners make when dealing with shoddy work is not documenting everything.


I can’t see any drip edge


Nope. This is how the sheeting looked when they put the shingles on.


Update this is their idea of a fix.


And for the eves! Cutting off top of truss.20190118_115704|666x500


I see framers do this all the time. The right way to install trusses is to put up the to gables and run a string from peak to peak the position the rest so the peak is under the peak. Good luck everyone thinks their a carpenter.