New Client Interaction

Question? What is the most effective way to approach a potential client when we have sent out bid, it’s been about week and there has been no response?

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi, this is sam from seattle, Im sitting here at my desk catching up on some paper work, and was calling to see if you have anymore questions about your roof estimate.

This does two things, Lets you see if your still in the running, and makes the Homeowner think that you care.

That is perfect. Thank you Shingle Monkey.

By all means phone themand see how things are and ask them if you can answer any questions or whatever…? But contact them, that is the key-by phone, note, email, whatever… Eighty per cent of my business comes via the Internet and I do a lot of estimates and sales contacts via email.

I usually call around 3 to 4 days after i see them. You should know where you stand as far as in the running before you leave the home. Not everytime you will know but if you do your job you should. Being honest is the best policy. Once you lie your done.