New Business Structure

  1. questions.
  2. Can you recommend anymore sites, groups, or chat rooms similar to this?
  3. Currently forming a Restoration company… any suggestions whether to form LLC or Sole proprietorship? Tax benefits??
  4. Where’s a good place to go during winter months to work… ?

It would be inappropriate to mention other sites while using this forum, don’t you think?

LLC. Sole proprietor does not protect your personal assets from lawsuits. One would be insane to open a roofing company as a sole proprietorship. LLC also provides a few options for saving some taxes. You can take 50% of your income through shareholder distributions which do not pay FICA.

Somewhere warm.


No i dont think it would be inappropriate to mention other sites at all… I beg you to tell me how you or anyone else that uses this site and agrees with your philosophy to elaborate???

Would you like it if an employee of yours wore another roofing companies sweatshirt on your job in front of your customer?

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Thats comparing apples and oranges.

Perhaps the more appropriate question is to see if anyone posts that agrees with your point of view. Thus far, ZERO.