New Business question

Hey guys,

I have been roofing for 6 years as an employee, and I finally branched off to start my own business. I have a question about adding a warranty to my contracts. I would assume this kind of thing is very comforting to homeowners and would be a good idea to add.

But how is the best way to add this to my bid sheet? I am not sure if I need a legal clause or if I can just add something short at the bottom of the page. Any advice is appreciated.


Well, Tyson the best advise i can give you is to find a good laywer to help with this. Warranty’s can be tricky and if not worded correctly they can bite you in the butt. My second suggestion is to use a two part contract, you know the ones that you tear the second sheet away and keep this way you have a copy of what you are doing and are able to track sales vs losses. If you email me i can help you with a few things. I have helped many on this site and a few new to the owner game. SOme seem to work better than others. You will only get out of the business what you put into it. The next few years you will work your tail off but then one day it will be running itself and you get to relax a bit. Email me at and i can send you a few things and possibly talk to you over the phone to help you work on some things. For the record i have been in the business for over 13 years and a very sucessful salesman.

Well here in Oregon-a contractor has to only guarantee or warranty their workmanship forone year. I know that lots of people will call the contractor right before the one year is almost up and call the contractor out again. Then I guess that starts the one year again but I have found that after thrity-eight years in this construction business that a workmanship warranty or guarantee is not needed in my contracts as I am honest, hardworking and do the job right and I do not have to worry about it.

Up here in Canada I give 5yr. warranty on workmanship,with what it includes and not includes.Not trying to brag , but I never have had to use it,just do the job right the first time.