New area, new roofing crew


Moving to a new area and opening shop there. Any tips to find new installation crews? In the past, I got names/numbers from a shingle supply company if I needed more crews but wasn’t sure if that is the norm or if there is a more efficient way to find crews.


Talking to the lumber yards are a great way to get to find new crews. I’ve even talked with the other roofing companies and builders around to find the people they trust and introduce my self. Just come off as helping keep the crews busy so you don’t look like poaching, unless your looking for crews to work only for you full time.
You can have a bbq and invite all the community contractors even if they’re not roofers. leave flyers at the local lumber yards as well. Have a raffle for some kind of tool or something in exchange for name number and email. Then follow up after with thank you emails and if they know any good crews to send your way. the 300 bostich framer as a raffle and 1500 in BBQ expenses is well worth the people you will meet and the potential crews you will be introduced too.
Just make sure to vet thoroughly