Never seen this before EVER!

Just had roof done on Friday .

Came home to this:

Tell me that’s not right! Company said they will cover it with metal—I’m thinking this is bad idea. Shouldn’t flashing go under stucco? House is 20 yrs old.

That is truly hideous. They should have discussed a plan for dealing with stucco on your first meeting. I bet the roofers showed up and cursed the salesman.

I know, I don’t know why they didn’t even call when they thought there was a problem. I honestly don’t know what they could haBe found to cause them to do this. The house is not that old.

I don’t know what to do now…insist they fix it right? I have only paid small deposit, thankfully. I’m thinking the only right way is for them to either:1. Peel that garbage off and tie in the existing flashing, or cut out stucco, apply flashing to sheathing then patch stucco.

What do you think? I’m thinking the company is going to say what they have done is OK, and I’ll have fight on my hands…

They cannot call that ok in any sense. I don’t even think reglet would be a good option at this point. They didn’t even cut the steps down to try to minimize the horrible look, which still wouldn’t have addressed the issue but at least shown some tiny sign of knowing it was a bad detail. I would not pay them until it is done properly.

Holy hack job, Batman! We go on the outside of stucco/EFIS if we have to (old flashing to damaged/rusted or just a straight piece of L metal). But we use step flashings and counterflashing in a complementary color for the home and tell the customer about it, with some pics of past work for them to look at.

Would I be wrong to insist on cutting out stucco re installing flashing, then stucco over top. As would be done in new construction, and as it was done before they messed with it

Sure. As long as you are willing to pay for the added labor and materials for doing it that way

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If flashing is not put behind the stucco, is there not a very high chance that water running down wall will eventually find its way behind the sealant and step flashing? I live in harsh climate similar toNorth Dakota, with very cold snowy winters and hot summers. I find it odd that ‘temporary‘ style solutions are even an option. I realize the right way costs more, but it’s the only way, right? Some things you just shouldn’t try to save a few bucks on.

The newer urethane based sealants will last as long as those asphalt shingles.

Is that stucco or drive it?

Pretty sure it’s EIFS, dryvit or another system

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I don’t understand why they use that stuff in the North, any imperfection and it gets compromised.

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can you even grind a raggle into stucco? I would’ve thought it’d be too delicate

You can if it is real stucco.

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And go slow with high RPM so you don’t snag on the expanded metal.

That moment you discover that the flashing behind the stucco (if even there) was :poop::-1:. Pretty ugly lol. Might not be seeing it clear, but not seeing a valley there also lol.