Neighbor putting on a new roof , 4 layers now!


ok this guy is not too bright and he told me he was replacing the roof, I now see all the bundles laying on the roof, there is already 3 layers up there now.

Isnt there any laws against this in New York ?? He doesnt need a permit but man that seems like a lot of weight :roll:


yes…that is against new york state building code. Some people just dont care.


He could still tear it off, you never know. I limit loading a roof to two layers of shingles. If the house has to be re-decking I put the shingles on the roof after it’s dried in.

I drove by a house last year that was loaded in the strangest way. They put a board half way up the front and stacked the shingles side by side then on top of each other. Half the front of the house was covered with bundles. My only hope was they used a lot of nails to fasten the one board down. They had to tear it off by code too.


With a layer of shingles weighing 3lb per sq ft, let’s say that’s a 20SQ roof… 6,000lb per layer. That’s 18,000 lbs of garbage on that roof that doesn’t need to be there.

Forget about the fact that they won’t last long since they won’t be cooled by the ventilation under the sheathing…

Just think about the kind of snow accumulation you can get in New York and the massive weight that puts on the roof. Then add the weight of 4 Ford F-150 pickup trucks parked on your roof. That’s how much those 3 garbage layers are adding.


Good to hear from you CVC, I’ve been wondering where you have been.


Yea Ive been hiding,lol

I know I wouldn’t want to sleep under that roof…Oh well we get a ton of snow here too :roll:


opps False alarm, I saw the roofer there today and he said they are stripping it, oh well glad to hear that. I see Landmarks piled on the roof, now I see ice and water and felt etc



Good to see they are putting high end laminates on it.


Oh come on, a good friend of mine did not ask me about help for his roof or ask me to get the materials at my cost and they sold him IKOs and the install is not that great, i see a chimney leak soon. But i did not say anything or get upset. He thought i would charge him and his mom did not have any money so i was like ok. But i did have to fix the valley already and some ridge. Landmark is all i will put on at this point in my life.


Landmarks are good right ??? I got Tampcos on mine and they seem ok but I thought Landmarks were supposed to be good quality :roll:


Certainteed and 3M have worked hand in hand on making the Landmark what it is today.

The only thing I would like to see changed is the stacking of three bundles per row on pallets rather than four.

16 squares is a lot per pallet. The shingles especialy now when cold can get buckly.


like my shingles on the roof before i start tear off also.



well the shingles are still up there with a foot of snow on them


Got that beat
My old house had 5 layers of shingles on it
Hottest part of the summer & I was stripping it off :frowning:


i first though that it would still be torn off.
we load our roofs first down here too.
i know , i know, movin the shingles twice.
gives us a little workout.

were crazy down here anyway.



[quote=“gweedo”]like my shingles on the roof before i start tear off also.


What if it was possible to control exactly what time the material arrived?

Would you still feel the same?

When material delivery times become unreliable,
then i feel the same as you

meanwhile i start shopping for a new material supplier.

We are fortunate enough to have many roof-top
delivery suppliers.


ive seen SEVEN layers… on top of wood shake!! and the people kept wondering why they had 1" gaps in the bricks on the sides of their houses. lol


yeah its just less hassle for us not havin to rely
on someone else to get started layin shingles, cause there alot of deliveries and they just cant lock you in on a specific day.
back in the day the shingles were stiin in the front yard before you got to the job.
so im happy to get them on the roof,
at anytime.



We have material delivered the day we start. Tear -offthe ridge and dry it in then load the roof.

I too have seen 7 layers with cedar shake under asphalt under metal under roll roofing with three more asphalt roofs over top. Getting the trash out of there was the biggest part of the job.