Needs help resolving a dispute with a home owner?

Are you a Homeowner or Contractor who needs help resolving a dispute? New TV Show can work it out for you!!!

Think Dr. Phil + This Old House + The People’s Court

Our professional mediator/host will work with the Homeowner and Contractor to make absolutely sure their dispute is solved to the satisfaction of both parties.

It benefits the Homeowner:
They get their project done right, on time and on budget.

It benefits the Contractor for the same reasons, plus this is excellent publicity for their business, showing they care about their client and stand behind their work.

And it saves both the time and cost of legal action.


Michael Raptis Casting Director Superfine Films

You have been a busy little bee getting this message circulated.

I still do not see your proposed upside for a contractor held out for public castration.

Who watches the shows? Home Owners.

The more appropriate venue, would be for the legitimate contractor to ensure, from step one, that communication and understanding of all details contracted for, are clearly represented and agreed upon by both parties.

How does one do that?

By having a detailed proposal in the first place and by the home owner knowing enough to INSIST on meeting the contractor in person to qualify their company and to ask any questions they may have.

If any changes are to be made, prior to commencing with the acceptance of the contract, then they should be agreed on in writing at that time.

Now, during the work progress, digital photos of all contracted for details and any obvious additional work required should be documented.

A continuous dialogue and acceptance of the transpirings should be discussed and if any changes needed to be added to the contract, then they too should be agreed on in writing.

A clear understanding and acceptance of all work progress should be attempted, at all costs, to ensure that the work up to date has been determined adequate and meeting the contractual specifications.

A final end of job walk through should be performed to validate that the previously agreed to work has all tied in with each component seemlessly for the desired results.

If, per chancem there were to be some minor “Punch List” items, of the variety that do not have an appeciable affect on the intended usage of the newly installed products and services, then a small amount should be withheld as a retention, until the agreed upon items are corrected to the previously agreed upon determination.

No need for courts or arbitration, for a legitimate contractor, unless the home owner is overly anal and expecting unattainable results.

Only the hacks would need this mediation process, but why would they subject themselves to such public scrutiny?


Should be a show exposing hackers?

yeah, how would this ever benefit a contractor? if theres a problem, then theres a problem and thats a problem. (if that makes sense)

I don’t know. Sounds like a flop to me. Instead of thinking outside the"box"stick to porn productions.

If that were the case, they would not already be venturing onto your show.

Something obviously has gone amuck with your description of the benefits, both for the Home Owners and also for the Contractors.