NEED some help

I have a flat roof the decking is metal the roof is 10yrs old epdm with rocks on it leaking in the building and its not raining it refrirated it only leaks in a couple of places i cut some holes in roof to the decking the insulatino was not wet there is water under the insulation on the metal decking could it be condsation why would it leak in couple of places not the whole building

Is there more Or did you forget the period at the end also Hard to read Are you excited

I’ve seen the same thing, hasen’t rained in weeks and water is pouring through the ceiling. However your problem may be different, but I can’t help but think it has something to do with the AC units drain.

Some years ago I came across a similar problem.It was a epdm ballasted roof. This place was a bakery and they added a cold storage section. There was some small leakage noticed, actually there were icicles noticed hanging at different locations throughout the area,mainly around redundant pipe flashings I did test cuts on the roof above the the leaking areas and noticed that the b board insulation was wet and actually frozen.Long story short we removed all ballast , removed redundant pipe flashings repaired holes found above the area, installed 2 inch roofmate over the area and replaced the ballast.This stopped the leakage until the roof was replaced 3 years later.

Thanks for the help and i was in rush when i posted not to mention my son broke my space bar on my computer and its hard for me to type not to mention its on my last nerve but anyway thank you again for the help

Hope I didn’t offend you. I was just in one of those moods.