Need some help...Remodeling

So I have a huge question that I only have a few days to resolve. I purchased a home in Southern California that was built in the 1940’s and have vents under the eaves on the side of the house at the very top. The wire/screen material that keeps rodents, insects, etc out is worn and in some area’s missing all together. I have put a decent amount of money in the house and want to fix this but didn’t notice it until it was too late. Is there a product or a procedure that any of you would recommend for me to fix this or just replace. There may be a new retrofit product that will allow me to fix it. I’m not sure. Any info will help.

How big are the existing vent holes?

Is it a continuous screened slot or multiple ovals or rectangles?

If so, what are the dimensions?


I don’t have the exact measurements but its probably around 2in x 12in or something like that. There are about 12 I am looking to replace or fix. Hope this helps and sorry for not having more information.

They sell aluminum louvre vents at the Big Box stores, which you could retrofit over the existing torn screened versions.

They come in different sized increments, so pick the size that will cover your existing screened in holes.


Thanks. This is great information. The exterior of the home is stucco. Would I just screw them on?

What type of soffits do you have?
Can you post a picture?

Beyond the stucco, if it is real stucco, there may be wood lathe. If so, screw gently and use some construction adhesive around the perimeter and where the screw threads will be coursing their way through, to add a little contact to the screws.

If there is regular wood, like plywood behind the stucco, no problems at all, but the screw holes may have to be pre-drilled, because that will be like drilling through soft cement.


Thanks for the info Ed. I really appreciate it. I will give this a shot. If there are any problems, I’ll just post another reply in here. But it sounds like you’ve done this before and know what you’re doing.


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One thing I forgot to point out. If you do have to pre-drill pilot holes through the stucco, you can try regular drill bits, but you just might have to use a carbide tipped bit for the stucco if it is very coase like concrete, but that bit will not work if it has to drill through any plywood.