Need shingle identified


I’m changing my insurance company and need to identify a shingle to see if it is impact resistant, and if so which class. The back of it says “Ennis 1714”. The Ennis is outlined by the shape of Texas, so I presume it was made in Texas. I’m in Oklahoma. They date from about 2010.


It’s GAF. Low digit sounds like sentinel or sovereign. Both of which are not impact shingles. It would be armor laminate in 2010
Is it a 3tab? Picture would be nice


Thank much. Here is a photo, showing the back of a shingle and the roof. Yes I guess it is 3-tab though I’m not sure about the terminology.


That’s a GAF/ELK, High Def Timberline 30yr laminate shingle.


But still not impact resistant?


I’ve installed maybe a hand full in 30yrs. I don’t believe you can look at one and tell. The shingles look the same. You would need to find some paperwork or documents. If you bought the home after the roof, I believe at that time, GAF/ ELK required a $1 per sq to transfer. You might try the GAF website. See if they have your address registered. I register GAF roofs online in case a directive needs to be sent to owners. Good luck


Thanks much for the assistance.