Need sales reps in alabama


we need sales reps for alabama , some leeds provided most will be up to you the work is here we need to take advantage of it. we pay 15 to 25 % you sell we take care off the jobs please respond or email me at


is ther a lot damage or just for a few weeks i was ther last night but is not like in oklahoma…4053260001… we did lots of roofs in gulfshores…foley daphne etc… i will help u ther


sorry abel thers lots of work we have 120+ on contract but no south alabama work just north and i just need sales rep not someone that has a crew to thats how pepole steel buisness in a already bad time


so far i can be loyal to the owners of roofing business; aslong as they are onest and not paying nothing to roofers. If u are a good roofing business owner and u dont take advantage of ur roofers no one will still ur work… keep that in mind…GOD has something for everyone not just you.