Need help!

I just got out of lock up. I’ve been hearing The tecks are 13 1/4 now!! Could someone tell me the new bond an Horz line Mesurmants. so i dont look like a dumbass goin back to work… Thanks KB

not quite sure i understand what you are asking for. where are you located?


Since most roofing contractors don’t do back ground checks you should find a job rather quickly.

Don’t understand anything in your post besides the lock up thing.

How long were you in for?

I think that is prison lingo for architectural shingles.If you send me some smokes I’ll tell you for sure.

metric shingle courses are approx 5 5/8 inch exposure.
While you were away at continuing education, a new product has been developed that will make your job a little easier…
GTape…when you really care how your roof looks.

google it…ask for the complimentary samples and coffee mug. The owner might occasionally come into this forum…