Need help with gutters

I have to replace all the old 2x12" facia boards that also form the outer side of the custom wooden gutters around the house. This would be relatively easy however there is a black rubber gutter lining that is glued to the inner side of the board, so to remove the facias I’d have to carefully peel the rubber off which seems almost impossible without causing damage. The rubber is still in good condition but is approx 20 years old so I thought at looking at replacing it at the same time. It looks to be around 1/8" in thickness or a little less but I have no idea what it is or where to get it from. Would appreciate some suggestions.
Also what glue would have been used to adhere it to the wooden surfaces of the guttering.

Thanks, Bill

Bonding Adhesive for EPDM rubber roofs.


You can get the rubber at the local roofing supplier.
Perhaps you can get a deal on some of their cuttings.

Bonding adhesive (snot) or splice adhesive may be used to bond it to the gutters.
Splice adhesive is more expensive but you can get it 1 gallon quantities as opposed to 5 gal for the bonding adhesive.

They are both contact type adhesives.

You probably won’t need more than a gallon of adhesive.

Thanks, this seems to be what you are refering too, just have to find a source in canada.


Source in Canada?How about a Roofmart?They carry Genflex products.

Thanks John, they are 20 minutes away and have everything needed for the job.

Appreciate everyones help.