Need help with a roof/walkway

I have a deck that was constructed incorrectly. We would get water leaks because the deck is pitched back towards the building. Now a contractor has built up the door sills. And the next step is to fix the pitch of the deck so water runs away from the building instead. I’m a bit worried that they built up the sills enough actually.

The material on the deck now is a rough material of some type. Will this material need to be removed first, or can we go right over it? One company wants to use some sort of expoxy system. I’d appreciate any ideas as to what to use to build the deck up enough to correct the pitch. BTW, this deck serves as part of the roof for the lower unit, but it is also the entrance way for the 2nd story unit. So however we build it up and waterproof it, it has to be tough enough so that it can stand heavy foot traffic.

Here’s a couple of pics I took. The first one shows the entire deck. The second one shows the flashing the contractor put in after raising the sills, and also a closeup of the rough deck material that is now on there. Thanks in advance.

I can’t tell if that is stamped concrete, or if those are paver bricks. It looks more like stamped concrete in the second photograph.

Anyway, to answer your question, to do it correctly you really need to waterproof the substrated beneath any type of wearing slab or walk surface. However, if that is concrete, an epoxy coating would probably work, but I’d need to know more about the epoxy coating they are proposing to use.

It looks like shingles coated with some type of crap to me…

i think that those are two different pictures, the close up is the actual paver tile over the membrane, and the other is the door flashing detail after the pavers have been removed.

That is my roofing nightmare right there.
A second story porch over a living area, double doors(everwhere) with a roofs worth of water puring on top of it and wind blowing rain hitting those doors and that roof with no protection.

A pure and utter nightmare.

First of all, you need a really great gutter system above that if you dont already have one.

We dont really know what roofing system you have because you have concrete on top of it which is a good thing.

Your problems are at the doors…
I would use a system like hydrostop or sealoflex and pay special attention to the doors and the siding.

but in all honesty, i really dont think you will EVER
completely stop water from getting in because of wind blown rain unless those are some really nice doors with really good sills and weatherstripping.
personally, i dont think anybody makes them.

windows, doors with windows, a walkway, a railing,
lord help us.

ill check back on this one.
its to much for me rite now.