Need help with a Clinic Model


I am building a model of a freestanding emergency medical clinic. I have completed the basic design of the building along with the floor plan but i am having trouble coming up with a roof design. Does anyone have any suggestions?



With the information you gave it is impossible.


I you can post a floor plan and an exterior elevation we can probably help.


try 3d architect or punch platinum software, cheap, easy to use, and efficient.

we nee dmore information to even guess at what your asking for…roof design, a simple roof model product for your model, an in depth roofing design?


Ok I will post pictures of It within the next day, I am mostly considering the basic flat roof design with the gravel type material as used in many hosptals


keep in mind the additional costs of the added weight for a structure that holds snow, etc, vs a roof that sheds to it’s perimeter. I have worked on flat roof structures that paid to have a pitched roof put on top of it, and they will make trusses that will do just about anything…cathedral ceiling, tray ceilings, unique stuff that span outside bearing walls, giving you a lot of freedom to work your interior with having to considering bearing…


i ave taken that into account but this model is for a state competition for high school TSA so the people judgeing this basically have no idea about any costs. basically all there are looking at is the looks of the roof


then by all means…whooop it up…
.024 copper standing seamed saw tooth with a solar
grid and a passive panel array on the south face…
I didn’t know we could go crazy on it!!


Yea I’m hoping to amaze, I have about a month before the event and me and my partner just started putting up the walls todayi