Need help to see what is the best way to do roof

I’m trying to figure a way to make my roof not need wall support as i want to rip the walls out and remodel. The house is 3 parts. The middle is a 8’ x 49’ old trailer ( what i’m trying to rip out all but the floor ) to the right was added on 20 years ago and is also 8’ x 49’ and 13 years ago to the left 13’ x 35’ was added. The problem is the way the roof was done the two 8’ sections have 1 roof 16’ wide and the newer addition has a roof that over laps 8’ of the old roof. I know it was cheaper for them to do it but makes it hard to do anything with it because of the weight on the 8’ section. It looks like an L laying down from the front. The attic has 2"x6" boards every 2’ for the roof and 2’ up is a 2"x6" going a crossed joining them and every 4’ is a 2"x6" running down to the middle wall. I want to see if it’s possible to shore it up without replacing it just yet. I want to get the inside redone before putting on a new roof maybe 2-3 years later. All the ways i thought of seems that maybe it would collapse but i’m not someone the deals with truss and roofs.
Any questions please ask any help is welcome.

you probably need to talk to an engineer…not a roofer!!


Your best bet would be to sell and just buy what you want.

You will be opening up a can of worms. If you had to ask this question, you do not want to undertake this project.

Here are pics of now and what i was thinking of.

And my thoughts

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Any thoughts welcome.