Need help on Yellowpages decision

I was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on how much work or traffic, leads you get from them(Yellowpages), I was quoted about $2500 to $4000 a month to be listed on the book and internet. We currently get most of our work from new commercial or residential construction bids from local companies. We will like to tap into the resindential re-roof market. Any advice will help.

Smaller ad, with an eye catching headline on
"Whats In It For Them",
to contact you.

Spend the $24,000 to $48,000 on direct mailings and nice job signs and well maintained company vehicles with Logo graphics and on yourself and your wife, before you commit to such a large investment for your first stab.

Spend a LOT less than that, like in the $1,000 range, to have a company website built and optimized.


Been there and done that already. Still paying off last years bill.


thats more than i pay for a whole year in any phone book. mine average between $140 - $300 a month!! business card to 2/3 page

Have you checked into airing a TV commercial, I think that monthly you would be in the same price range and I believe you will reach more of your ideal demographic that way, we do the yellow pages ad and it does cost a small fortune…I myself do not think that we get most of our business from that avenue…the clean trucks and good word of mouth lead to more customers, also just food for thought anymore when I need something I internet it very seldom do I even open a phone book…think about yourself and your family and friends actual use of the yellow pages before you commit to it. Good Luck!

I run a TV commercial (look up marshall exteriors on you tube if you want to see it) and i do get a ton of feedback from people that i know…“hey i saw you on home & garden last night!!” , but i dont see overwhelming leads from it. I do have a strong website though. but misty is right…clean trucks and good work is the best!!

IMO you should have a yellow page ad. Doesn’t have to be thousands of $'s though. Some people will think you aren’t legit if you don’t have a yellow page ad. Try starting with a business card ad full color. It will be in back so it needs to be colored and different to stick out because you will be in the back. Not to mention in my area if you look at a phone book from 5 years ago alot of the roofing companies in that book are not in the current book. Even the big full and half page guys. Of course in the roofing industry companies come and go everyday. But those comapnies didn’t benefit from the ad enough to stay in business. But on the flip side of that maybe they to many jobs and had to many call backs and complaints.

The only advertising I do is one $1,400 per year add in the Yellow Book. Have a strong lead right now on a tear off and just did a small repair from it. In the past two years did two tear offs from the add. May drop it next time around. At one time was in four Yellow Books.

No yard signs, no mailings, one magnet on one work vehicle for legal reasons, just the one add and a ton of word of mouth work.

From my experiance most phone book leads are looking for the lowest bid. When you bid higher than most you loose a lot of leads.

If you have a large advertising budget go for it.

Yellow page ads are critical to small businesses; however, they present a big risk as well. Make sure that you ad is critiqued by a direct response expert to ensure that it pulls well because once it gets placed, you’ll have to live with it for the next year.

Use attention-getting headlines and offer an information product to entice readers to call you. Use eye-catching pictures sparingly and include your biggest unique benefits. Consider using customer testimonials to build trust and make sure you tell the reader to call you now!

The bigger the ad the better but always remember to get a proof before the ad is placed. Mistakes can be deadly. Use color if you can afford it, but make it a low priority. Before placing your ad, test it in the newspaper to see how well it pulls and then track it’s effectiveness throughout the year on a month-to-month basis.

Hold out to the end of the phone book’s promotional period and then ask for a significant discount. Call other advertisers to get a feel for the types of discounts each yellow page directory gives out. Don’t accept less than a 50% discount.

My add states,

“A smaller add means a smaller cost to you”. The rep didn’t seem to have a problem putting it in.

[quote=“dougger222”]My add states,

“A smaller add means a smaller cost to you”. The rep didn’t seem to have a problem putting it in./quote

Doug haven’t you stated in the past that you are not a “low bidder”?[/quote]

Also check with your local newspaper, ours here offers a “branding” package, our logo with phone numbers appears throughout the paper over the course of a week then is off for 2 and back on…it’s just to get your image into peoples heads. Also the AM radio stations offer a decent price for a block of commercials…there are a lot of options and if you have a small budget to work with I recommend trying to stretch it as far as you can versus investing it in one spot…that way your ability to reach a wider market is met.

My advise is pay the minimum listing.With the large monthly ad, you might as well throw the money in a black hole. I did a 3/4 page ad one year that costed me about $11,000 and probably got about $1200 worth of work and countless wasted time, gas, and money running worthless estimates, and repair estimastes. Ever notice how mostly newer companies buy the big ads, because these phone book reps prey on the new guy with big dreams and in need of leads. Spend the money on another more effictive, and cost effective advertising. Tap into past customers for referrals through mailings and concentrate on building business through free word of mouth advertising. Do not sign that contract with the phone book, everything sounds promising until you start getting that bill every month and getting very little work out of the book.

I just recently got in the yellow pages. The book doesnt go into circulation til the end of the year, but I am already online @ with a 5 page website under construction. My ad in the yellow pages (book) is going to be a dollar bill size. Its all about priority and placement. I am the second one from the top online when someone looks for a roofer in south San Diego. And my ad is suppose to be on the front page of roofing contractors in the book. Ive been in it for about a 3 weeks and have only recieved 1 call to bid a roof. $480.00 a month.