Need help making job choice in res. Roofing company's


I am needing help making a decision about my current job in Arkansas as a roofing salesman mainly commission-based I ran into another old friend of mine that I used to work with at a past roofing company about five or six years ago that has started a roofing company about it right at 14 months Andy is offered me a position in his company his position entails sales manager glass production manager pay it 750 a weak base salary regardless of sales accept when sales commissions that week is 750 salary then it is your straight commission pay for that week not additional to salary pretty much salary is just for when you have a bad week or bad weather I guess Commission from Prophets with his company is 50% straight across the board so I’ve worked at the 50% rate before it’s very good okay next my current position is with a residential roofing company in central Arkansas that’s been in business almost 11 years still only a local company with less than 40 employees not including subcontracting Roofing crew company I work for also does full residential restoration and remodeling ground up and has lots of business and works for multiple large large restoration companies that work directly for insurance companies will see what I mean nobody works directly for the insurance pins on who you ask haha anyway I’m the only salesman besides the owner and my boss in this company so special titles or anything it’s pretty much the same MyPay now is $500 weekly base salary and then same as before anything I make that week that comes out to be over $500 then I just get this straight commission pay for the week same as a new company but commission rate right now is 35% also current company like I said not not anymore salesman or any competition at the office and I do very well honestly and have been in the residential roofing industry since I was 15 I’m 27 now and have been in the sales side of roofing 4 right over three years I’ve been with this company now for a year-and-a-half I know the owners of both companies personally and are very very good good-hearted men I have worked for two different storm chasing companies and these two companies are centrally and locally located only work centrally locally and you’re not Storm Chasers in the good companies I need help making a decision I like both guys a whole lot both kinds of help me out and both have been there for me multiple times when I needed something from a dollar to a truck also I’m just looking for advice because the new company is pouring money into marketing and advertisement and already has 7th salesman and I’m a good people person so he believes I would be a great sales manager I haven’t done a sales manager job and so I don’t know how transitioning into that would be and is never reflected from the other sales people I mean in the case I’m sure a lot of this especially hail and wind damage Arkansas Texas Oklahoma Louisiana and it profited greatly from it average 3 - 3500 week indpay and the last time that I made less than $3,000 a week was over nine months ago and took a month off to spend time with my wife and kids I know that for a fact that the new company will do things that the company I work for now can’t even do and they also give it myself leads call ins and customers contacting the company themselves but both kids are good but I’ve been wanting to for about 6 months now saying the money I’m making no way I can make 10 $15,000 a week I’m ready to take it to the next level and my boss and Company I’m with now seems to be complacent with their income and not wanting to make any changes or hiring any more sales people pretty much ever so I want to make over $15,000 a week 20 would be nice and so what should I do or is there a completely different route I need to do that is 100% guaranteed for someone that is great and residential roofing sales I’m not wanting to start my own company at this point too much liability I’m still pretty pretty comfortablethanks I am needing to know very soon lol I only have until pretty much end of weekend to make decision to the guy wanting to hire m for new company bjt I would never walk out on current company without at leasta 2 week notice


Hard to read without punctuation. That would be adeal breaker for me in hiring a salesperson


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Thank you


Wow, this is your 3rd account and you can still only just copy and paste the same post in topics that are totally irrelevant in what you are offering… If you had any idea what type of posts you are replying to you would realize this is not the type of forum where you will likely have success with what you are offering. Perhaps next time I see that exact same post in a discussion it doesn’t belong maybe I will share your email on some adult personal ads, and maybe you can find someone looking for your services there. :wink:


Sounds to me like your current company is happy being small, if you want to grow it appears you need to consider the other company. Being a sales manager means being a resource and guidance for other sales people. It takes more than just being a “people person”, it means having knowledge of the roofing business and being able to teach and mentor others to be successful in the business.


Sorry man, I gave up after about 5 lines.