Need help identifying this tile (in Florida)

I am trying to figure out what tile this is, and determine whether or not it is a discontinued tile. This property is located in Florida, near New Smyrna Beach.

Looks like old Monier Monray.

Take a piece off and look on the back side. Most extruded concrete tile manufacturers emboss their name and style of tile on the back side of the tile.


It is probably not even relevant what it is, you will never match it. You could pay a ton of money to potentially find it in a boneyard for purchase but the color still won’t match perfectly. Not sure how much and what you need it for. Most of the time for repairs we remove the most hidden section and use it for the visible repairs or small additions. We then install the new tile in the hidden section if there is one.

Someone told me they thought it was an Entegra Valencia tile, which is discontinued.

Doesn’t matter. Tile is tile and it will never match color wise unless it’s clay. Matching channels and configuration is great if possible but I can almost guarantee you will have to do what I originally suggested. Pull some from another area of he roof that is less visible. By the way you still haven’t mentioned what you need it for and how much. This is important for determining a course of action.

I’m trying to identify the tile without taking one of them off (which may not be possible) so I can request the Insurance Company to pay for a new roof (if it is in fact a discontinued tile).

That is one terrible flashing job at the sidewalls and headwall.


By the way, what’s wrong with the roof? Why would it need to be replaced?

Why can’t you take one off? Unless it’s adhered from underneath it takes about 30 seconds.

Other than a few broken tiles and a bad flashing job, what is wrong with the roof?